Couponing in Lissa Land: Rite Aid January UPR Promo

January 21, 2013

So the last few years in January or February Rite Aid has run a month-long promo where if you spend $100 in the monthly period on participating items (about 100 different brands of stuff), you earn a $20 reward. SWEET. Last year in February I actually EARNED $28 dollars after factoring in the $20 UP that I received. Let’s see how I did this year:

Rite Aid 1.7.13 $5.49 oop $0.99 act Rite Aid 1.12.13 $7.33 oop $9.33 act Rite Aid 1.15.13 $18.01oop $9.01 actRite Aid 1.20.13 $1.36oop earn $20 UP

(4) Nivea chapstick  – $0.84 (0.21ea)
(1) Nivea lotion – $0.21
(4) Finish dishwasher detergent – $10.20 (2.55ea)
(2) Veet – $1.62 (0.81ea)
(1) Culterelle – $1.52
(1) Photo album – $1.31
(1) Picture frame – $0.92
(2) L’Oreal Revitalift cleanser $1.12 (0.56ea) 
(6) I.D. gum – FREE

Total OOP Paid: $25.97
Total Actual Cost: $17.74
Received: $20 UPR
Final Cost: $2.26 moneymaker!

So it’s not the $28 profit that I made last year, but I did make a small profit and within those items, managed to buy a 1.5-2 year supply of diswasher tabs! also a nice photo album and frame for the house or for a gift. The rest of the items will go into the donation box that I take in every 2-3 months for coworkers.

Rite Aid is doing this promotion again for February, so let’s see how I do with that one! I think I’ll maybe focus a little harder on spending less OOP. Part of my challenge in January is that I started the month with only a $3 UPR and so it was difficult to not spend much OOP on higher cost-up-front (high UPR value) items. I did a lot of breaking transactions up over multiple days in a week, never fun. Good news is that I am leading into February with that $20 UPR and another $8 UPR so that gives me a little more flexibility to spend in the first couple of weeks!

Happy hunting!



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