Couponing in Lissa Land: 2013 Week 2

January 12, 2013

Ok guys, week 1 went really well! Only 51 weeks to go!

I decided to cheat a little and pull a couple bucks from my February alcohol budget. Partly because I know I have a $15 rebate pending on the champagne that will probably come in sometime in February. But mainly because last night at work was wretched and I really wanted some faux-mimosa this morning to chill out since the champagne is STILL $3.99/bottle. PLEASE RITE AID PLEASE STOP TORTURING ME WITH THIS SALE PRICE.
K, here we go!

Dollar Tree: $2 – newspapers

Rite Aid 1.12.13 $7.33 oop $9.33 act

Rite Aid: $7.33 OOP, $9.33 actual cost (+$4.37 for the champagne!)

Cheap cheap dish detergent – comes out to $0.08/load – awesome stock up price! This should give me about 1- 1.5 years supply. Candy and lights at 75% off – can’t beat that.

Rite Aid 1.15.13 $18.01oop $9.01 act

Rite Aid: $18.01 OOP, $9.01 actual cost

So this week I did spend a good chunk out of pocket at Rite Aid, which is pretty unusual. Part of that was because I have only been rolling $3-4 of UPR each week, and I wanted to buy the Culturelle for $16 to add to the January Buy $100, get a $20 UPR promotion.  ( I got a $16 UP reward for the Culturelle though so it was free + tax). So I paid about $14 up front for that, and rolled the $16 UPR for the picture album and frame and Christmas lights. Good thing is that now I have $12 in UPR rolling forward to use next week. I already have my transaction all planned out, and it should put me just over the $100 mark. Stay tuned and next week I’ll tell you how much of that $20 UPR will be PURE PROFIT.


Safeway 1.13.13 $9.38

Safeway: $9.38

Score! $0.99 turkey bacon! $0.74 shredded cheese, $0.40 salad kits, and $0.15 bananas.

Albertsons 1.13.13 $0.74

Albertson’s: $0.74

Free free free fest! I am SO excited to get free OJ. Just paid $0.37ea for the 2 greek yogurts!

Reclaimed 1.14.13

Reclaimed Produce: FREE!

Pretty boring week in produce. Gave the lettuce and 1/2 the tomatoes to a neighbor for her tortoise – I have 3 heads already leftover from last week. Made oven-dried tomatoes from the rest to add to salads. Made a cute 1/3 bath of blueberry muffins for breakfast this week. 🙂

Weekly GDP Total: $37.46 (yikes! but the Rite Aid oop will pay off next week when I earn that $20 UPR)
Weekly Alcohol Total: $4.37 (-1.85 for the month)

Happy shopping!


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