Couponing in Lissa Land: 2013 Week One

January 5, 2013

So, first off since this is the first week of the year, let’s review last year goals and how that all panned out:

2012 Goals
Grocery/Alcohol/Drugstore/Pets: $100/mo
Restaurants: $80/mo Jan-Jul, $50/mo Aug-Dec

Actual spending
G/D/P: $1700 ($142/mo) – $500 over budget
Restaurants: $636 ($52/mo) – $174 under budget
Total Year: $2336 ($195/mo) – $326 over budget

Not too bad, but some room for adjustment. What I decided to do was to separate alcohol purchases from the equation and move to a set $20/mo pulled out in cash to spend on alcohol. I am hoping that this gives me a better representation of the GDP spending as well as help to limit my alcohol intake. Restaurant spending was upped just to $55/mo because I like $175/mo better than $170/mo as a total goal, lol. Also, I no longer have a newspaper subscription so it will be easier to track my purchases of newspapers (for coupons) and this amount will be included in the GDP numbers.

K, here’s week one!

Rite Aid – $17.48
4 bottles of champagne @ $3.99ea – will be submitting a rebate of a total of $15 from 12 bottles total. Will equal only $3.20/bottle cost (including tax!) after the rebate.

Dollar Tree – $2 – newspapers

$2.25 moneymaker!

$2.25 moneymaker!

Fred Meyer – FREE!

Have you tried the smartphone app Ibotta yet? It’s a great little app that let’s you quickly, simply, and easily get cash back for purchasing common grocery items. I will be getting $1.25 back for the Frosted Flakes and $1 back for the Rice Krispies. And with other sales and coupons I paid NOTHING for them already! Score! Here’s a link if you want to check it out:

Safeway $5.95

Safeway $5.95

 With Safeway’s Just4U program, it has become one of the best places for me to get my hard-to-get-for-free-with-coupons items – primarily cheese and produce. They have frequent enough awesome personalized prices and 2o-30% off discounts on TOP of the personalized prices that I can combine to = really amazing savings.

Bananas – $0.36/lb ($1)
Cucumbers – $0.39ea
1lb Baby carrots – $0.43ea
Shredded cheese – $0.69ea

Albertsons 1.7.13 $0.34

Albertson’s – $0.34

Cheezits for $0.17 a box, wow!

Rite Aid 1.7.13 $5.49 oop $0.99 act

Rite Aid – $5.49 out of pocket, $0.99 actual cost!

Reclaimed 1.7.13
Reclaimed – FREE

Weekly GDP Total: $13.78 OOP
Alcohol Total: $17.48

So far so good! Plus I have $2.25 pending from Ibotta. I plan to just collect earnings in there each month and then redeem through Paypal and reconcile for the month’s total.


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