Sorry sorry I’ve been such a lazy poster! I blame it on my being swept away in my last 2 weeks of fulltime work. And some almost-relationship drama. Which I had been very excited to gush about on here, but which has become nothing at all so I will save posterity the iteration of it.

Back to couponing, a faithful and simple love! Doubles returned to Albertson’s and I had some catalinas to use up, so it was a fun week. 🙂

Fred Meyer: $5

Quick trip: $1 pineapples to dehydrate and $1 chips to take to work with reclaimed pico de gallo

Rite Aid: $1.31 OOP, $3.31 actual

Free popcorn and a BIG tomato plant on clearance for $1.99

Rite Aid: $0.69 OOP, actually a $4.31 moneymaker!

Quick trip to pick up a moneymaker. I bought the Suave on clearance (with coupon) for $0.64 to use a UPR and reduce my out of pocket expense.

Petosas: $0.75

Safeway: $10.54

This was a great trip utilizing some of the Just4U pricing deals in their new program. $1.88 Doritos, $1.67 Cheezits, and the produce was $3 off $10. I needed carrots and onions and the snap peas were on sale BOGO so only $1 a bag!!

Albertson’s $0.77 OOP, actually a $1.23 moneymaker!




Quite a week! Doublers plus I had $25 in catalinas to use up. $20 from the Lowe’s card promo from last week, and a $5 rewards coupon. So there’s a few “extras” in there, though I did do a strategic doubler transaction to put all the items that would out of pocket cost into the same transaction with my extras. Anyways! Highlights:

$1 boxes of crackers
Free cup o noodles (omg these are SO good…and soooo bad for you!)
Free dressing to go along with all my free lettuce!
Free cracker creations – the granola/chocolate ones are amazing
With my $25: Pork roast,  steak, 1/2 gallon almond milk, can salmon, can of artichoke hearts, small jar pickled herring
Kikkoman: 3 small jars soy sauce + $2 steak = $0.54, received a $2 catalina!

Albertson’s : $1.70 OOP, actually a $3.30 moneymaker!

Just a quick trip to try the razor deal again. Didn’t work right but they wrote me a raincheck for the $5 catalina rather than fuss with returning them. Plus, free pantiliners with peelie coupons.

Reclaimed Food: FREE

A fairly good week all in all. A lot of the standards, a sprinkling of others, and I lucked out into a score of celery to go along with the carrots & onions I picked up at Safeway. Always nice to stock up on a staple like that for free. 🙂

3 heads green leaf lettuce
10 ears corn (I am never buying corn again)
3 tomatoes
2lbs strawberries
1.5lbs grapes
one bunch lacinato kale
~1 bunch celery
2 pears
1 peach
1 mushroom
1 plum
1/2 zucchini

Rite Aid: $3.01 (bottle of wine)

Weekly Total: $23.77!
Quite a great total given the number of shops and some of the great deals I got. And only one bottle of wine. 🙂
Dining Out: $15 -one meal @ Italian restaurant and one cup of soup @ Denny’s

I’m over a week behind still as I have to post last week plus this week which ends today. EEK! This one was an annoying one to post as there was just so many shops!

Happy hunting!