Couponing in Lissa Land: Week of 6/19

June 26, 2012

I’m a little behind in my weekly shopping posts, so here is last week’s. It was a pretty quiet week really, primarily just picking up my reclaimed boxes and being very very lazy. Hey, it’s my vacation!


Albertson’s – $0.57

Just a quick stop to use the last of my Essential Everyday coupons before they expired. Also I took advantage of a gift card deal: Buy $100 in selected gift cards (I chose Lowe’s cuz I would need to spend money there for house stuff and/or gardening supplies anyways) and get $20 catalina. Woot! Basically that is $20 FREE of groceries!  Even better- the rewards points from buying the gift card put me over 5000 points so I earned a $5 rewards coupon. See next week’s post for how I spent these. 

Petosas’s – $0.84

Reclaimed food: FREE!

Another winning week in Adventures in Produce!

7 ears corn (took to a BBQ along with another 6 ears I got on Saturday)
7 tomatoes (oven-dried for salads/pasta)
2.5lbs grapes
3lbs strawberries
4 apples (dehydrated)
6 heads green/romaine lettuce (honestly, 3 of these just went in the trash. I have a surplus of lettuce. Need to find out the apt. # for the neighbor who has a tortoise she can feed it to)
1 artichoke (I steamed and ate this but I either did it wrong or it was too far past it’s prime. not very good)
2 bunches Kale (some in salads, made Melting Tuscan Kale)
1 bunch dinosaur kale (this went bad before i figured out what to do with it, sad)
14 russet potatoes (made roasted potatoes with 2…..maybe make some mashed potatoes to take to work? We’ll see what happens)
1/2 carrot (poor lonely carrot)
handful raspberries/blackberries
and……..almost 3 pounds of Rainier Cherries!!

Seriously…..the street value of Rainier cherries is $6/lb right now. That’s $18 in cherries that there is no way on earth I would have bought otherwise. Not to mention $6 in strawberries and $5 in grapes. And free corn to contribute to a BBQ. It’s INCREDIBLE! I can’t wait to see what the box holds tomorrow. 😀

Elsewhere: $13.95
A small bottle of rum and a bottle of wine

Weekly Total: $15.36!
Obviously, another week where it would be nearly nada without the alcohol. I swear, I’m working on it.

Happy Hunting!


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