Couponing in Lissa Land: Week of 5/29

June 5, 2012

Well this week was a quiet one! No grocery shops, just a quick trip to Rite Aid to use some expiring UPR, my 2 boxes of reclaimed foods, and some alcohol. Not even any dining out!

Rite Aid – $2.11 OOP ($6.11 actual cost)

$0.49 tampons to go into boxes to send to soldiers in Afghanistan + cheap potting soil. Plan this weekend is to actually PLANT some plants with the soil on the balcony. We’ll see how that goes. So far I haven’t managed to kill off the sugar snap pea and strawberry plants I got from work for Earth day. So I’m one up on last year.

Various locations: $18.27

Bottle of wine, champagne, and small bottle of raspberry vodka. What can I say?

Reclaimed food: FREE!

I had SUCH issues getting pics to attach and the computer to cooperate with this post! It was a great week in Adventures in Produce though! Here’s the final tally (and what I did with it!):

2 eggplants – making eggplant lasagna using some of the homemade tomato sauce and free mushrooms. Yay!
10 cucumbers – lots of raw snacking! + in salads
4 zucchini to go with those from last week. – made 2 loaves of zucchini bread to share at work, plus lots of roasted zucchini with meals!
1lb carrots – snacking + in homemade chicken noodle soup
1lb broccoli – snacking + roasted veggies
2 orange bell peppers – yum! raw snacking
1 bunch parsley – dried
1.5lbs apricots – made a wonderful apricot crisp and took to work
2lbs red grapes – soooo delicious! ate them 🙂
a few rasperries/blackberries – ate them too 🙂
9 heads of leaf lettuce – gave 5 to a neighbor for her turtle
12 ears of corn – boiled and cut off cob. 1/2 frozen, 1/2 eaten as a veggie side through the week
3lbs strawberries – ate them 🙂 – I am definitely getting my heart’s content in strawberries this year and I LOVE IT!

Weekly total: $20.38
Obviously would be nearly nothing without the alcohol. Oh well! This week is looking very good in the grocery budget department too. Catch you soon!


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