Couponing in Lissa Land: Week of 5/22

May 24, 2012

Well week 4 of reclaimed food has proven the strongest yet! Just wait til you see what I managed to get! I had a very busy day yesterday, stopping by 8 (EIGHT!) stores. I did it all on a loop to and from a massage appointment though- didn’t go out of my way and managed it all in 3 hours worth of shopping time. Just look at the score:

Rite Aid: $1.50 OOP ($0.50 actual cost)

A quick shop, picking up some freebies

Rite AidΒ –Β  $3.01

Cheap bottle of wine I picked up Sunday when I drove home from the workshift that I discovered I wasn’t scheduled for when I showed up – so went home and had wine instead!

Staples – FREE!

Loving the free nuts – make great snacks in the car.

Albertson’s – $3.35!!

After 2 weeks with no Albertson’s, I was ready for doublers this week! And SERIOUSLY look at the deals! There were so many more I could have gotten if I had had more doubler coupons.

4 Alexia potatoes – free
4 Teriyaki marinades -free
2 soy sauce -free
2 Smart Balance butter spread – free
2 cans artichoke hearts – yummy on spinach salad! and a steal at only $0.73 ea!
10 cans black olives –$0.19 each!
2 Milky Way – free

Franz outlet: $6.78

Stopped by the bakery outlet for cheap English muffins and bread. They through the onion rolls in for free. Sadly, the dog ate 6 out of 8 of them while I was at dinner! Bastard! Learned something great: if you bring 6 BoxTops into them, you get a free English muffins! I have plenty o’ boxtops. πŸ™‚

Safeway – $0.06 (yes – six cents!)

The salad deal got EVEN BETTER! Priced at $0.99 each w/ the $2/1 coupon = $1.01 overage each! So with $6.06 in overage, I was able to pick up a can of salmon (3.44) and some porkchops that were 50% off on clearance (2.68!) for only $0.06 for everything. I LOVE when I am able to score free meat and items that do not normally have coupons in this way!

Reclaimed Produce: FREE!

The great big box of reclaimed produce – wowzers! First pick is from the local grocery, 2nd is from the local co-op natural foods store – nearly all organic! I finally figured out the right time of day to go by there and it was truly amazing. SO. MUCH. PRODUCE. It took me about 4 hours to sort, clean, and prep all of this but I am soooo happy! Here’s what I did:

2 whole cantalope – took to work as I don’t actually like cantalope
3 red bell peppers – 1/2 in stirfry, 1/2 in pico de gallo, 2 for raw snacking
5 zucchini – hmmmm……may eat in roasted veggies, may make some zucchini bread
15 tomatoes – 5 made oven-dried tomatoes for salads, 4 made pico de gallo to take to work, 6 made homemade tomato sauce – part of which will be used in my African peanut soup this week
4 bundles of asparagus – 6lbs? – OMG the aspargus. I am going to use some as a side for the porkchops I got for free this week. Others I will roast. Maybe throw some in an omelet. Can you freeze asparagus very well? Honestly this reclaimed food thing is insane….this asparagus is probably worth $20-25+ and it is FINE! I took one bunch in to work to giveaway and it was snatched up as soon I walked in the door.
~2lbs of oyster mushrooms – had to go online to identify these. Dried about 1/2 of them to add to soups and such later, froze some, used some in a stirfry in place of meat today, have some left to do something with. May chop and add to ground turkey to use as a mini-pizza topping
2 big bunches of parsley – dried and crushed
~1 lb celery – trimmed/washed for snacking/African peanut soup
~1 lb carrots – organic – some for stirfry, some for African peanut soup
1 fuji apple – organic
1 peach
1 apricot – ate in a spring mix/apricot/almond salad
1 lb strawberries – ATE THEM
8 ears of corn – cooked, cut off kernels, will eat with porkchops this week
few florets of broccoli – stirfry

Phew! Can’t wait to see what I get next week! This new adventure is really helping to keep me eating my veggies like I should. πŸ™‚

Weekly Total: $14.70!

Nicely under budget for a huge amount of food – tons of produce, salads, meat, fries, olives, breads, etc. Definitely one of my more impressive weeks for variety and volume of food for the money. I should price out all the free produce for it’s shelf value….I know that just asparagus and mushrooms and cantalope would add up to a pretty penny!

Dining Out: $15.93

Once again treated myself to dinner at the Italian restaurant after shopping (and before the massive food prep marathon!). Used one of my certificates for $25 off $35 or moreΒ (incl. tax & gratuity!). One cocktail, a fancy salad, and 3 portions worth of chicken/veggie linguine for less than last week’s happy hour meal!

Happy Hunting!

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