Couponing in Lissa Land: Week of 5/15

May 16, 2012

Sigh I am so sad to see this weekend over! After working lots of crazy extra hours every week, this was the first 4-day (aka NORMAL) weekend I’ve had in 2 months! With a 10 day vacation in one month, I was starting to get a little crazy. The weather was GORGEOUS here, the kind of really rare mid-May sunshine and warmth that makes you just want to be outdoors as much as possible. And since I didn’t have anything better to do, that’s just what I did!

Ok Saturday I played with free food and I slept for like 16 hours. But Sunday I laid in the park for 5 hours, Monday for 4 then a leisurely dinner al fresco at the little Italian place for 2 hours, and today I spent 2 hours at the park and 2+ hours at the beach. I have a lovely base tan started! Read 3+ books, played on my brand new Kindle Fire, watched season finales of most of my shows, ate too many strawberries (like there’s such a thing!), slept 12 hours a night, didn’t worry about a thing, and talked to no one save my mom on Mother’s Day. It was heavenly!

Oh and I did a touch of shopping on Saturday morning on the way home from work and finished it up after sunset tonight. Here’s the tally:

Safeway – $1.22 moneymaker!

So this turned out to be quite an exciting shop! Really just went in for the free Sun Drop soda and Starbucks refreshers (which are quite good!). Happily, before I left the house I checked on my Just4U deals, Safeway’s newest promotional thingy. I had Fresh Express salad blends for a special price of $1.29 – thru tonight only! Plus, the new Safeway newsletter thingy had just been put out with $2/1 Fresh Express salad blend coupons in it. I wasn’t sure how it would all pan out with the personalized price + coupon with overage but I decided to just go for it and added a Feta cheese and butterfinger to help absorb the overage. And yay it worked! Also, the FREE coupon for the Starbucks rang in at $2.39 each even though they were only $1.50 so I got overage for those TOO! So I actually got BACK $1.22 in change. I don’t think I’m supposed to be able to do that, but the cashier was young, the line was VERY long, and the hour was late. I know that they will be reimbursed for the full value of the coupons, so I wasn’t about to cause a stink and hold up everyone to try and get it sorted.

Rite Aid-  $0.22 OOP ($3.78 moneymaker actual!)

This was actually my Rite Aid trip on Saturday for the sale week before, but we’ll include it in this week. No coupons, but a UPR, a SCR, and a catalina combined to make this a major moneymaker – sweet!

Rite Aid – $3.32 OOP ($1.34 actual)

Look, I actually spent money on this one! LOL. There was a little goof on this one, I forgot that I only had one VV coupon for the Visine so I threw in the Snickers as a filler to use my UPR when I didn’t need them after all. Oh well, $0.25 Snickers are not really a hardship 🙂 In case anyone is keeping track – this equals $0.34/box or $0.03/load for the Finish dishwasher detergent. Not bad for a thrown-together deal. 😀

Fred Meyer – $4.63

This was a fun, quick trip. The small snapware containers were free after coupons and I used a coupon and several catalinas that I earned at other stores to bring down the OOP on the cat food. I used a $5 cat from Albertson’s (GM cereals 2 weeks ago), a $2 cat from Rite Aid (Gerber baby food) and a $1 cat from Rite Aid (visine). I am SO excited that Rite Aid gives catalinas now! And that Fred Meyer takes them from anywhere! Cuz prices on things like cat food are much better at Freddies than at Rite Aid!

Reclaimed Food – FREE!

Another amazing week in free food adventures! Seriously, I am blown away by the produce that it is possible with incredibly LITTLE effort to obtain for free — because it was going to be THROWN AWAY. This week was a little of the same, a little different, and a whole lot awesome:

15 ears corn
4 tomatoes
3 large heads green leaf lettuce
5+ pounds of strawberries

I picked up this huge bag of stuff (including lettuce trimmings) from my local grocery store on Saturday morning. It was SO heavy! I kept fishing out strawberries and filling up clamshells….out of over FIVE POUNDS of strawberries – only TWO little berries were actually too bad to save.  So what did I DO with all of this bounty?

Corn: Boiled and made frozen corn
Tomatoes: combined with 3 Roma and made tomato sauce to freeze for future meals
Lettuce: will EAT- basically its green salads with every meal from now on!
Strawberries: 2lbs were in good enough shape to last several days in the fridge for eating. 1.5lbs were sliced and frozen for future desserts/jam/yogurt. 1.5lbs I made into strawberry syrup – 1/4 of which is already gone in strawberry lemonades and on top of waffles!

Weekly Total: $6.95 – SERIOUSLY!
I remind you, this includes veggies, 5lbs of strawberries, 4 bags of salad, feta cheese, starbucks drinks, soda, dishwashing detergent, candy bars, baby food, AND a 17lb bag of cat food. Definitely one of my best weeks outside of a doublers weekend! (Which is next week, btw) Obviously, not buying any alcohol cuts down on this total nicely. 🙂
Dining Out: $22.60
I treated myself to dinner at the Italian restaurant sitting outside in the shade on the patio on Monday night. 2 glasses of wine w/ an amazing veggie & penne dish and 2 lovely hours spent basking in the warm spring air reading on my Kindle – perfect!

Happy hunting

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