Couponing in Lissa Land: Week of 5/1

May 3, 2012

Welcome back! This week was an exciting one in couponing. Albertson’s was having a doubler week and I explored the idea of reclaimed food. Let’s get right to it:

Albertson’s – $4.71

This was a strong doubler week at Albertson’s. I didn’t shop til mid-day on Tuesday, the last day of doublers, so I was surprised to find EVERYTHING in stock at the most popular coupon store in the area. Seriously, all the freebies were still in stock. Me thinks the store people must be reading the coupon blogs finally! Since this is a big shop, here’s a quick run-down:
(5) GM Cereal – $2 (0.40ea) after coupons and catalina — that’s an unbelievable price for GM cereal! Hardly ever manage to get it less than $1/box (3 to donation)
(7) Yakisoba noodles – free! (5 to donation)
(6) Starbucks refreshers – $0.71 tax (will try these but likely will be donated)
(4) Barilla whole grain pasta – free!
(2) Kikoman soy sauce – free! (i have soo much soy sauce, will be donated)
(2) Cheetos – $2 ($1ea) ! yippee! Not that I need Cheetos, darn finally had eaten all the Doritos. Ah well.
(1) Beechnut baby rice cereal – free! + MIR for $1.89 so will be a 1.89 moneymaker but that rebate will go into my home downpayment fund šŸ˜€

Safeway – $14.74

Another stock-up week at Safeway. The Lucerne dairy product sale got even better with an in-store promo of $2 off instantly wyb $10 + the $2/$10 coupon I had. Let’s break it down:

Fillippo EVOO 25oz – $3.49 (reg. 9.99!)
Darigold cottage cheese 16oz – $1.25 (on clearance for 1/2 off-Ā used forĀ eggplant lasagna!)
(2) Precious string cheese – $3.49 (1.75ea) – great price and I just ran out a couple days ago
(1) 2lb colby jack, (1) 8oz feta, (1) pint whipping cream, (1) singleĀ cheesestick (iĀ ate it!)Ā – $6.31 after coupons and promo!

Petrosa’s – $3.90

This is the local little grocery store. Picked up some clearance produce.
Romaine hearts – 0.99 (would have skipped this if I knew the lettuce landfall about to hit me!)
1lb strawberries – 0.99
2 cucumbers – $1
big bunch bananas – $0.92 (made yummy banana chips with all but 3)

Rite Aid

– $3.29 OOP ($0.64 MM actual)

A pretty straightforward trip, most of which will be donated. The Haribo was on CLEARANCE for 75% off – only $0.44 a bag with NO coupons. Sweet! Not pictured: bag of Skittles that are in the car.

And last but not least………

Reclaimed Food – FREE!

So, here’s the deal. Grocery stores discard a fair amount of produce. It’s lettuce trimmings or incomplete heads, broken celery or carrots, blemished fruit, items starting to go bad, etc. Most major chains are linked up with food banks that come daily and pick up this produce to sort through and offer at the banks. But some of the smaller stores and/or produce stands just throw this away or compost it. So if you ask, you might be able to pick it up. A lot is truly fit only for compost, or for chickens/goats, but a LOT is perfectly usable and edible. I asked around at a bunch of places yesterday and found a local natural co-op store in my neighborhood that I can pick up produce at for FREE! Here’s what I got on my first trip.

10 heads of lettuce + a pile of good-sized leaves for wraps
about 1lb or one bunch of celery
about 1lb of organic carrots


Liquor store – $4.50

Bought (3) mini rums as celebration for the awesome shopping day. šŸ™‚

Happy shopping everyone!


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