Couponing in Lissa Land: Week of 4/24

May 2, 2012

Ok, here starts the weekly couponing wrap-ups! Are we all excited? Here’s a quick look at last week’s shops before I move on to the current week:

Albertson’s -Free!

It was coupon round-up week which is definitely not my favorite promotion – mainly because while the rounding up is good, often there are lousy sales prices so you don’t really get very good deals. So it’s a small trip, but with a great price tag. Was super cute…the young male cashier was quite excited to see the total at zero and gave me a high five! Put a smile on my face 🙂

Fruit Stand  $5.62

Sorry about the pic, don’t know WHAT is up with wordpress, I’ll try to update later. It’s 6 pears, an eggplant, and a bag of grapes. Best thing was…pears were on my list for Fred Meyer at $0.88/lb and here they were $0.69/lb!

Safeway – $9.73

Again with the pic, ugh! There are 3 bags parmesan cheese, 2 blocks of colby jack, a dozen eggs, and 2 bags of Sweettarts gummy candy – Easter clearance. The cheese was a decent price but I wish I had known about the promo this week, could have saved another $2 – oh well. The eggs were FREE with the just4you (J4U) program, yay! And the candy was only $1.49ea – $1.25/2 coupon = $0.87ea!  About the only things I pay for anymore are produce and dairy items, so this was a good stock-up trip.


Rite Aid – $1.82 OOP ($1.18MM)

So I’ve decided for the purposes of my budget, to report my Rite Aid trip costs as what I actually paid out of pocket, regardless of what UPR I used to pay or what UPR or SCR I earned. It’s not exactly a true representation of the given shop’s cost, but will let me track my monthly spending easier. I’ll probably also give you the actual cost also.

This was the final items for the Kellogg’s cereal rebate. This makes 52 boxes bought since January. Also about 6 dozen eggs and various fruit that was bought with coupons that attached to the cereal. Final total? FREE after rebates! I have some very happy coworkers. 🙂

Everything else in this picture was a moneymaker: Veet wax strips, Samy root lifter foam, (6) Dentyne gum, (2) AlkaSeltzer allergy, and one Snickers egg on clearance for a filler.

Rite Aid – $3.01
A bottle of wine

Fred Meyer – $3
(2) lbs of strawberries

Weekly total: $23.18

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