My thoughts on TVD: Break On Through

March 25, 2012

I really quite liked this episode for some reason. It was certainly not epic (esp by TVD standards) but something about whispered asides if viewed with a friend in a crowded movie theater) (because yes., I am that person):about it was charming. Don’t ask me what. Here is my play by play of the bits that caught my fancy (and would have brought

1. Meredith is still a psycho. I am just waiting for the crazy. This first scene with the so-called Mer-Elena bonding is CREEPY. Much more so than Alaric/Elena hugs or MRI mirror hijinks.
2. Love Damon showing up at the hospital to spring his buddy. This friendship is probably one of the most organic and honest ones in the whole show.
3.  So nice to get back to the snappy confrontational Delena! Much better than puppy dog Damon. I have faith that they will find their way back to a romance again, but this time Damon will stay true to who he is and Elena will have her eyes open and accept him as he is without changing him. My fave line of the episode: “I’m just saying, maybe you’re not the right person to be teaching Stefan about self-control” Ouch! Isn’t it great too see Elena being perceptive? So true…..when has Damon EVER used self-control?!
4. Abby-the vampire-absentee mom. Seriously snooze. Apparently all the pent-up broody from Stefan’s ripper days in the writers room fell onto Abby. Bummer.
5. Why ARE they at the bridge restoration kick-off?
6. Sage is just lame. Especially when you put her in the same scene as Rebekah. It’s sad really. Cassidy just doesn’t stand a chance compared to Claire. Maybe if Sage had been in love with Elijah. But Finn?  
7.  Seriously Stefan, just stop trying to ACT bad already. We all know the ripper Stefan is gone. Which is very very sucky. But this fake-half-ripper Stefan who is hiding his true feelings so that Elena can be free? Very annoying and totally transparent. Just be good Stefan again since Ripper Stefan is not likely to come back anytime soon. At least he made sense. 
8.  Oh Damon, you are so easily played by sexy women. Katherine, Sage, Elena, etc……
9. Damn you TVD with your threesome teases. I hate you.
10.  I hate that Jenna is gone. Alaric was a real character with her. Psycho ring-killer and Meredith is NOT an acceptable exchange for Jenna’s meaningless sacrifice. Poor choice Kevin and Julie.
11. Interesting how Damon mentions a Sage-Rebekah threesome to Stefan and yet no one has told Stefan that Sage is in town. And no response? Interesting continuity gap there.
12. Even on the first viewing I AUDIBLY rolled my eyes with that “you know, the one you’re not related to” *twinkly eyes* — ugh.
13. HONESTLY? No one put Jaime on vervain?
14. Pathetic predictable attention-desperate Rebekah? I don’t buy it. Let’s not subvert the character’s …. character…. for plot devices please.
15. I’ve watched too much OTH. Cassidy Freeman reminds me too much of Hilarie Burton…..and unfortunately I can’t help thinking about the little differences she might play the character with…and would it be better?
16. Kat Graham is awesome. The nuances she gives Bonnie are so intuitive, it’s such a shame that they don’t utilize her more. 
17. I think Damon luring and sleeping with Rebecca solely to allow Sage to sneak into her mind is the most cold-blooded thing we’ve seen him do this entire series. Makes me quite hate him in that moment when he is naked in bed with her sleep-ing beside him. 
18. Aww business-knowledgeable Damon. You mean he has more going on than whiskey-drinking, eye-flirting, neck-snapping, and Stefan-haunting? So cute.
19. Handy how the millling ledgers report “White Oak” in capitals to emphasize it’s importance, huh?
20. Oh Kevin Williamson. This episode was like a dream for you right? The perfect combo of small-town romantic triangle intrigue and slasher film. I heart you.
21. Oh Damon. What about Sage seemed trustworthy….EVER… you?
22. Yay! Snarky Rebekah returns! The only question is….was she in it from the start? Cuz that would make more sense than pathetic gullible Becca.
23. Sage is 900 years old. Why does she look concerned at ALL when Damon says he’ll kill Finn first? And why on EARTH doesn’t she rip his head off right then and there?
24. 2nd fave line of the ep: “I’m going to need your help” You know, Elena. To stop Ripper Stefan from making a reappearance. Aww Elena gets her wish….her very existence can alter Stefan’s actions. Cuz it’s about her, right?
25.  More adorable bromance. Nice creepy watching Alaric sleeping smile Damon. Maybe you and Alaric should both take a break from girls for awhile. Just saying….
26. Bonnie’s not stupid. She knows that without Elena and Caroline and all the other supernatural residents of Mystic Falls….she’s got nobody. Even if she hates everything all of them stand for.
27. Even as a plot device, Caroline is a shining light. Candice is brilliant and every line is full of life and authenticity. She literally can take my breath away with the beauty and power she exudes – even when her scene has absolutely nothing to do with her.
28. I don’t believe for a single second that Jeremy is happily and blithely living in Denver with friends and a dog. Just because they didn’t pan to him as a psycho or with Tyler or Katherine or who knows what doesn’t mean a thing. All will be revealed soon enough.
29. Cocky – good? – Stefan. Hmm. It’s like Ripper Stefan…but creepy.
30. lol to the token and trademark Damon master plan-o-the-week reveal in the last minute. Oh Damon, you and your clever plans.  So sweet. It’s almost like Elena thinking she can sacrifice herself for the good of everyone else without completely screwing it up and getting someone killed.

Not a lot happened in this episode (again). It was more just a number of great little moments mixed with wry humor at the show itself. But it’s winding closer to the end of S3 so I anticipate a crazy whirlwind of plot twists and cliffhangers and shocking deaths and violent actions and dramatic emotional declarations to start up at any time!

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