I’ve been “featured” on CouponConnections!

March 3, 2012

So one of the coupon blogs that I follow closely is a local blogger (as in she shops the exact store locations that I do). www.couponconnectionsnw.com is a very popular blog in the Pacific NW, Amber was featured on TLC’s Extreme Couponing (but don’t get me started on THAT show!) and she is a very prolific poster of deals. She also loves to have reader interaction and seeing pics/details when readers do great shopping trips. I was SO excited about my haul from last weekend’s doublers at Albertson’s that I sent an email off to her…..and she posted it on her blog!!  It’s so great to have that recognition as well as a bit of bragging rights. 😀 Here’s the link to the blog post on couponconnections:


And here’s the picture of my haul! I used 36 doublers, doing 4 different sets of 3 transactions. I actually did go to 4 different stores over 2 different days (trying to find a certain item on my list mostly) but I didn’t go out of my way, just took different routes to other errands. Sometimes when I do doubler weeks, I just do multiple trips back and forth from the car all in the same shopping session. Just depends on the stock in the particular store and what other errands I have to do that week.

The grand total for this? $18.44!!!! I mean, seriously!!

All this, only $18.44!

(16) Oikos greek yogurt
(2) Yoplait lactose-free yogurt
(3) Peanut butter Cheerios
(4) Bear Creek soup
(4) Albertson’s canned beans
(2) Tylenol precise cream
(2) Right Guard deodorant
(1) Kashi go lean bar
(6) Blue Diamond almonds (raincheck from last week)
(6) Doritos
(2) Trop50 orange juice
(2) Quaker chewy granola bars
(4) Mt. Olive pickles
(2) Mission artisan tortillas
(2) Stride gum
(3) V8 v-fusion
(2) Cranberry naturals juice
(13) boxes Mischief Jello gelatin (clearance)
(3) small boxes conversation hearts (clearance)
(3) wineglasses (clearance)
(1) wisk (clearance)

My favorite transaction of them all was one that I put together totally on my own, using tearpad coupons that I had in my binder for months now just WAITING for the right confluence of events. It all worked together in a perfect storm of promotions! A lot of times when doing couponing, I’m just copy & pasting matchups from the various blogs I follow, it’s nice to have the opportunity to “discover” a totally new deal that is unique just to you.

(3) V8 V-Fusion – $2 each
(10) Mischief Jello gelatin – $0.25 each on clearance!
(1) Wine glass – $0.25 on clearance
-Used (5) $0.55/2 Jello tearpad coupons (found these by the Jello a few weeks ago)
-Used (3) $1 off any juice wyb 3 Mischief jello tearpad coupons (found these MONTHS ago when this product first came out…..they are good til 12/12 so I’ve been hanging onto them – score!)
-Used (3) doublers (-$3 total)
Paid: Nothing! The overage from the jello coupons covered the cost of the wine glass – bonus! Albertson’s is one of the only stores that will give overage – but only with manufacturer coupons, not including doublers.
Got: $2 catalina from V8
Final Price: $2 moneymaker!

This transaction (one of 12 that I did) combines several key promotions that are the basic elements in successful “extreme” couponing:

1. Store sale – the V8 was on a loss leader sale at only $2 each
2. Clearance deals – This particular Jello product was new 6 months ago and obviously not a big seller, so it was on clearance for a steep discount. It can be common to see high value tearpad coupons for new products (often with lengthy expiration dates), and many new products do not sell well and may end up in the clearance racks a few months later – excellent opportunity for great deals!
3. Coupons! – ok, pretty obvious one here
4. Doubler or other store coupon – Albertson’s is the only store in my area that routinely offers in-store coupons that double the value of your manufacturer coupon. Also in this category would be store coupons you find in the weekly sales flyers, anything that you can stack with a manufacturer coupon to increase your coupon savings!
5. Catalina – this is a coupon for an X $amount off of your next transaction (oyno) that prints at the register when you pay. It is generally triggered by buying a certain number of a product. These type of catalinas can be redeemed like cash at the same store you received them at and so you can factor them in to the overall final cost of the items you bought to trigger them.

Obviously, this is a pretty complex transaction and definitely not for the faint of heart. I would call this an advanced couponer level deal…..putting it together requires a bit of out of the box thinking (and math skills) and even just following what is happening it is easy to get confused! Luckily all the coupons went through with no issues and it was just a gorgeous transaction from start to finish….quite a shopping “high”!

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