Winter Rewards at Rite Aid: My Journey

February 22, 2012

So Rite Aid does a lot of promos. In January they did a “resolutions rewards” where when you spent $100 in participating products, you earned a $20 UPR. There are dozens of products on the list. I didn’t really try for it and only made about $50. I probably could have gotten it without any or much out of pocket (OOP) cost if I had tried from the beginning, but it wasn’t worth it by the time I was really aware of it at the end of the month.

Surprise surpise, they did it again in February! A new list of products but the same deal….spend $100, get a $2o UPR. This time around, I looked through the deals with an eye towards getting this UPR. But I didn’t want to break my previous rule about only buying items that are entirely free, a moneymaker, or something I will actually use and need that is still not much OOP.

We’re 3 weeks into the 4 week promo and I already have earned $93 towards my $100! See the rundown:

Here’s my tally so far. Prices are after tax, and after all UPR & SCR earned.

Week 1:
(2) Stayfree – 0.43MM
(1) Abreva – 8.76
OOP: 8.83 (I didn’t have any previous ups to apply)
Leftover: (2) $2 UPR, (1) $2 SCR
Total to winter reward: $20

Week 2:
(4) Thermacare + (1) Optic White – $13.33 MM (after Pfizer rebate)
(4) Snickers eggs – $1MM
(2) Haribo gummy raspberries – $1.16
(1) Pot-of-gold – $0.99 (The winter reward says Valentine’s candy are excluded but judging by my total, this must have been included in the winter reward!)
OOP: $15.97 (used $4 UPR from week one)
Leftover: (2) $4 UPR, (1) 1.75 UPR, (1) $10 UPR, (1) $2 UPR, submit $10 UPR for Pfizer
Total to winter reward: $54

Week 3:
(4) Colgate toothpaste + (5) Colgate toothbrushes – $4.04 MM
OOP: $12.21 (used $2, $10, and $1.75 UPR from week two. I need to call customer service about getting my 2 $4 UPR from the thermacare)
Leftover: (4) $3.50 UPR, (4) $1.50 UPR, (1) $10 UPR.
Total to winter reward: $80

Total OOP so far: $37.01
Total actual cost after UPR/rebates: $7.89 moneymaker!

Initially the $3.50 UPR x 4 from the toothpaste didn’t print on my receipt, so had them returned and bought them over again. Weirdly, it  counted them twice for the winter rewards total. I figured when you returned something with your card, it would subtract it from the total, but not so far. It might do so the next time I’m at the store though, sometimes it takes a bit to process. I’m not going to work too hard to correct it, as I have had issues every single week with UPR not printing. I have to call customer service about 3 different weeks of shopping to have UPR credited to me that are missing. So far, I am NOT impressed by the new load2card feature where the UPR are supposedly loaded automatically….there’s been nothing but errors so far.

I need to call about:
1.29 Johnson & Johnson promo – missing $5 UPR wyb $25
2.12 Thermacare – missing (2) $4 UPR wyb 2
2.19 Colgate – missing (3) $3.50 UPR from toothpaste, (2) $1.50 UPR from toothbrushes, and (1) $10 UPR wyb $25
So annoying!

The good news? I only have $7 (or possibly $20) left to spend to get my $20 UPR for the winter rewards!! Which means that I will definitely EARN at LEAST $8 from this promo. (that’s with spending the money to reach $100 without using a single coupon or getting a single UPR from those items) It is extremely possible that I will reach the $100 mark by buying freebies or moneymakers next week and will therefore EARN $28+ for this month, just from items on this promo!! Can you say free clearance holiday candy??

I LOVE RITE AID! (just not their computer tracking)

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