Cereal mayhem

February 22, 2012

So last year there was a Kellogg’s cereal rebate – $10 wyb 10 select Kellogg’s cereals. You could send in up to 5 rebates. It ended at the end of the year, and I had bought enough for a 3rd rebate but missed the cutoff mail in date. Bummer! A few weeks later, I threw the UPCs in my recycle.

A few days later, I saw a posting on a blog about a NEW rebate. It was basically the exact same one, just a different expiration date and some of the cereal choices were different. Luckily, I hadn’t yet taken the recycle out and was able to fish out that envelope with the UPCs and send it in at the beginning of February. Yay! Some of that cereal had been specifically bought for that rebate and I would have wasted money.  This new rebate expires 3/31/12 and so far I had sent in for only 1 of the 5. Good Kellogg’s coupons are scarce to come by so I was just biding my time for the right sale and promo and coupon combination to come along. I don’t need ANY cereal, so any I would buy would be for donation to coworkers so I wanted to make sure that if I did any more rebates, it would be make it so that the cereal was free (or a moneymaker).

This weekend there were 2 great printables that came out and I managed to snag: A $5/5 ANY Kellogg’s cereals and a $4/4 of select size and varieties of Kellogg’s (select varieties are those in the rebate yay!). Now to match with a great sale.

At Fred Meyer this week selected Kellogg’s cereals are 50% off! This includes Raisin Bran, one of the rebate varieties. Sadly, the size of Raisin Bran does not match the $4/4 coupon so I will be holding onto those. I’m hopeful for an even better sale to use those on! Many of the boxes of Raisin Bran were marked as having $5 in coupons inside of them. One of the coupons inside is $1 off ANY eggs wyb ANY 2 Kellogg’s cereals. Here’s what I did:
(10) Raisin Bran 25.5oz – $1.99ea (all have the coupons inside!)
(4) Dozen store brand eggs – (2) $1.19, (2) $1.49 (they only had 2 of the cheaper medium eggs and I didn’t feel like splitting the transaction and coming back another day)
used (2) $5/5 Kellogg’s printables
used (2) $1 off eggs wyb 3 Kellogg’s (yes I popped 2 of the boxes open – opened at the bottom, they were not inside the cereal bag itself)
used (2) $1 off eggs wyb 2 Kellogg’s (these came in boxes of Fiber Plus in a similar packet –  Great Days – several months ago and I’ve been holding them for the next good Kellogg’s sale – exp 3/31)
Paid: $11.26
I will submit for the Kellogg’s rebate here: $10 Kellogg’s Gas Rewards Card rebate – only the Raisin Bran is currently eligible from the FM sale this week
After rebate I will have paid $1.26 for 10 boxes of cereal and 4 dozen eggs. Awesome!!! (Now I have nearly 8 dozen eggs in the fridge – eek! I’m finishing up the 4 dozen that I bought at Fred Meyer for super cheap using overage from Snapware a month or so ago. And I REALLY wish I hadn’t bought 2 dozen at FM about 3 weeks ago for $1.33/doz. That’s a fairly lousy price and i don’t know what I was thinking.  These 4 are 0.32/ea!!! Thankfully eggs stay good for a lonnngg time and I will have to make a point of eating them more. HB eggs for snacks and in salads!)

I also stopped in again at the local Petrosa’s grocery
Spent $3.80
(4) Bananas – 0.27
Huge bunch of broccoli crowns – $0.91
(2) Zucchini – $1.63
80z package mushrooms – 0.99

I love this store!!

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