The Year of Me

February 17, 2012

Well as the winter continues both my mood and couponing has picked back up again. I also started back on the South Beach diet in early January and joined a gym. I’m trying to make a more concerted effort to socialize. This is my year to go a little easier in the work-so-much department and maybe finally get a bit of a life! (I’ll let you know how THAT works out 😉

Let’s do a little rewind to January and take a look at my “resolutions” for 2011 and my new (very not formalized in any way except for what I do right now here) resolutions for 2012:


1. Stick to SB diet, Phase 2 for at least 3 months, then if ok, Phase 3 indefinitely – well I think I stuck to P2 pretty well for about 2 months. Then some slip-sliding and cheating before I just gave up SB as a formal eating plan. I did better in general through the rest of the year with eating a bit more veggies (not enough) and more whole grains (but a lot of white rice/pasta again) but portion control got a little excessive. And candy. Always candy. One of my biggest issues is snacking on weekends and not planning out meals, just winging it.
2. Outside of SB, new drinking rules: no drinking between work shifts during workweek, only drinking when in a good mood, no more than 2 glasses of wine or one mixed drink when home alone, ok to drink more if with friends – yeah….this went well for awhile. Then I started going out for breakfast with one of my coworkers on her Friday (after my 2nd of 3 shifts) and would usually have 1-2 mimosas. And I found more and more reasons to have drinks at home. Now my tolerance level is ramped up to an entire bottle of wine or 4-5 mixed drinks in an evening. NOT GOOD. In general what I have found works best is to just not buy bottles of wine or hard liquor at all. If  I really want a drink, I buy 1-2 mini bottles so that I cannot overindulge at home.
3. Exercise! Stick with it! SB exercises EOD-q3days, yoga 2x weekly, walking/intervals EOD-q3days, ice-skating 2-4x monthly, dancing 1-2x monthly. – uhhhh. yeah. I never really started doing any of this. Occasional SB strethes. I did find a squar dance group at the end of the year and went a couple of times.
4. Get Pets At Home up and running. While income is majorly variable depending on level of busyness/employee numbers, aim for my income to be minimum $500/mo ($700-$3400 gross income depending on if I’m taking the jobs vs. employees)(35hr/mo-170hr/mo) – PAH is doing ok. It is very variable and I decided in November that I did not want to work on growing it at this point in time. It is providing me a very acceptable level of supplemental income with a very manageable and minimal time outlay on my part. Basically, in a good position for my financial needs and time commitment desires for just myself. Moving forward is going to require a much larger management time and effort towards promotion and finding/managing employee(s). I am in general tired of working so hard (I’ve been working 50+ hours/week for 2+ years now in addition to my VECCS application process) and just need a break before progressing with PAH. Making this decision was a HUGE mental stressor relieved and I definitely think it was the right decision.s
5. Get accepted to take VECCS exam (March), study daily SOMETHING, take test at VECCS (Sept), pass and get VTS (ECC) in November! – I did it! I passed! I am now a LVT, VTS (ECC) Woot woot!!
6. Date! – ohhh hahahaa! There was this one guy. He was a huge letdown as nothing remotely romantic happened on our “dates” Oh well. I was pretty busy most of the summer pretending to study for my boards so I didn’t put myself out there at ALL.

So what is on the agenda for 2012? Let’s see!

1. Continue with south beach again. Maintain on phase 2 for 2-3 months, then ease to a phase 3 and really commit to making this a permanent lifestyle change. I’ve found several new recipes which are phase one friendly, giving me a much wider recipe base to work with so its been even easier this time around. I think committing to this lifestyle may be a bit of a continual cyclical thing for me in some ways.

2. Exercise! Seriously. My back/hip pain last year just got to a really annoying level. My cardio, core and hand strength and flexibility is at an all-time low. I’m entirely sick of it. I finally bit the bullet and joined a gym. I obviously need that level of mental coercion and financial commitment. I also signed up with a trainer for accountability though we’ll see how that part works out. Plan: Go to the gym at least 3 times/wk (aim for 4 eventually). Do yoga 1-2 times/wk. Go square dancing 2-4 times/month. When it’s warm, walk the dog on my days off. Go ice skating 1-2 times/month.

3. Drinking. Continue with the resolutions from last year: no drinking between work shifts during workweek, only drinking when in a good mood, no more than 2 glasses of wine or mixed drinks when home alone, ok to drink more if with friends.

4. Socialize! Date a bit, hang out with friends, make efforts to go out with coworkers and develop new friendships.


Ok, not going to go too crazy this year. I want to just be a physically and mentally more healthy person. 2012 is the year of ME!

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