How to best spend $0.66

February 17, 2012

Couponing has been going very very well lately. I suck at taking the pictures and suck even worse at posting them here. So here is a VERY quick glance at my shopping from last week. I stopped at 3 stores: twice to Albertson’s, once to Fred Meyer and Rite Aid. Here’s what I got:



4 Tidy Cats litter
3 yogurt w/ granola
2 Trop50 lemonade
2 albertson’s lemonade
3 parmesan cheese
3 Secret deodorant
18 pouches Starkist tuna
2 wedges Brie
2 carrots
1# sirloin steak
It was a doubler week, I used 36 coupons and 36 doublers to purchases these items. I have + $5 in leftover catalina coupons which can be used on anything as “cash”. Can also be doubled so this is really like $10. So REALLY, it’s like spending $7.55 on all this after doubling the catalinas.
Fred Meyer
No picture, I spent $6.50 and got:
2# of strawberries
~1.5# organic pears
~2# asparagus
Rite Aid

MADE $13.39!

4 Thermacare heat patches
1 Optic White toothpaste
1 Pot of Gold box of chocolate
1 Brainstrong kid’s vitamins
2 Haribo gummy raspberries
4 Snickers eggs candy
After a couple of different rebates, I will have MADE $13.39 on this purchase!! I love Rite Aid. 😀
Altogether for the week, these purchases equal out to a total spent of $0.66! And this doesn’t even count the 14 pounds of tofu I got for FREE at Whole Foods…… awesome.
I could wax poetic about couponing and the last few weeks and whatnot but I have a bowl of homemade turkey chili and a new episode of Vampire Diaries waiting for me before bed. Hopefully I’m back soon with more amazing deals!

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