Rite Aid redeems itself

October 11, 2011

Well couponing has been all over the place! It’s hot, it’s cold, random new promotions….this is definitely a constantly evolving landscape!

I have been couponing, just not posting. There was a crazy doubler weekend a month ago where I was up at 3:30a extracting the doublers as soon as my paper arrived and going to 2 different stores before 6am because I had to be at the airport by 6:30am. A bag of nonperishables sat in the trunk of my car for 5 days while I was in Tennessee.

My name is Melissa, and I am a coupon-aholic.  But I have 4 pounds of Skittles so all is well 😀

Anyways, it has been quiet the last couple of months at Rite Aid. Here and there will be a good deal, but nothing huge. I was worried that the great deals might be gone for good. But the last couple of weeks has been awesome! Note:

Rite Aid 10/6/11 - $1.39!

(2) Profoot heel cream – $3.99
(1) Profoot insoles – $3.99
-(3) $1/1 coupons (2 were hangtags on the creams!)
-(3) $3 SCRs
= free!
(1) Scope mouthwash – $4 (incl travel size + 3 coupons)
-$1.50/1 coupon
-$2.50 UPR
= free!
(4) Knee-hi pantyhose – $0.40ea (w/ 20%disc!)
-(4) $1/1 UPR (didn’t print so have to call customer service)
= $2.24 moneymaker! ($0.56ea)
(8) Covergirl makeup – BOGO50% ~$37
-(4) $8/2 coupons
-$10 UPR
= ~$1.78 moneymaker
(5) Aveeno hair care – $5.99
(1) Aveeno lotion – $3.49
-(4) $2/1 coupon
-(1) $3/2 coupon
-(1) $2 off VV coupon
-(2) $10 UPR
=$3.13 (0.52ea)

So great! I am going to be making a bunch of different themed gift baskets so a lot of this will go into those. The Covergirl makeup also came with 8 codes for free Taylor Swift merchandise. I got an Ipad skin and 2 keychains.

And then for this week:

Rite Aid 10/10/11 - I made $5.70!!

So this week there were TONS of free items after UPR. Unfortunately, in Washington we have to pay sales tax on the pre-coupon amount so many things which are “free” actually have some (or a lot) of cost to them. This is especially true in promotions where you buy a larger amount of product in order to get a large UPR. For example, last week’s Covergirl promo was buy $30, get a $10 UPR. While coupons took off much of that $30, there was still $3.51 of tax! It adds up quickly. Many of the freebies were cough drops/cold meds which I still have a large stock of, so I passed on them. I DID get these however:

(4) John Frieda Hair Care – $5.00ea
(4) $2/1 John Frieda Product,
Pay: $13.90 (12 w/o tax), get (2) $5 UPR
Final Price: $3.90 (0.98ea)

(1) Preparation H Totables Wipes – $3.00
use $2/1 Preparation H Product printable
Pay: $1.29 ($1), get $3 +Up, limit 1
Final Price: $1.71 MM

(1) Zarbee’s All-Natural Children’s Cough Syrup 4 oz – $5.99
Pay: $6.56 (5.99),
Submit for $5.99 SCR
Final Price: $0.57

(4) Rite Aid Hand Sanitizer 8 oz – $1.00
Pay: $4.38 (4), Receive $1 +Up Reward, limit 4
Final Price: $0.38 ($0.10ea)
(4) CoverGirl Cosmetics BOGO 50% off (~$16)

use (2) $8/2 CoverGirl Face Product
Pay: ~$1.25 in tax, submit for $10 MIR wyb $50 P&G beauty rebate
Final Price (incl last week’s CG): $10MM!

(1) Bayer 81 mg Aspirin Tablets, 32-36 ct $2.99
*$1/1 Bayer Aspirin coupon from 9/11 Red Plum
+ use $1/1 Bayer Aspirin Product
Pay: $2.27, get $2 UPR + $1 SavingStar
Final Price: $0.72MM!

(2) Snack Size KitKats or Reese’s – 2/$4
use $2/2 tearpad coupon
use $1/2 KitKat or Reese’s VV coupon
Pay: $1.38, get $1 UPR wyb 2 = $0.38

This was definitely great couple of weeks! Plus I just ordered a pair of Dansko shoes for work @ 60% off for $48. I’ll be reimbursed through work, but that still gives me $50 to play with to get other scrubs with. Yay!