Freebies and Rebates

July 29, 2011

So I finally at least sorted the pile of mail on my table. Whenever I bring in the mail I immediately throw away obvious junkmail and open obviously important stuff. Otherwise I’ve been lazy and throwing it on the table to open later. I think I have about 2 months of it in there. Sorted through today and separated all my rebate checks and sample freebies that have come in!

I’m not a huge freebie/sample so I don’t get all of them that are out there, though I’m trying to do more of it. Here’s what was in the pile from the last couple of weeks:

Freebie sampler pack of U by Kotex + coupons
Free sample of Carefree liner + coupon
Free sample of Miralax
Free sample of Garnier shampoo/conditioner
Free sample of Aveeno (lotion?)
Free sampler of Taster’s Choice

I also got in some rebate checks for Rite Aid SCRs, Snapple, and one I can’t remember what it was from. Yay!

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