Quickie coupon trip

July 24, 2011

Ok, so I have been EXHAUSTED this week. I was taking antibiotics and Ibuprofen for a cat bite I got last week and I don’t know if that was part of it, but this week at work I have been low-grade nauseous and so tired. Thursday night I felt feverish and Friday night I woke up with all of my muscles sooo sore like I had done some kind of crazy workout or something. Maybe I’ve been fighting off a low-grade flu? Anyways….not much time to organize coupon shopping but copied over a few deals here and there into my email. Before work last night I just quickly grabbed the inserts for my Albertson’s preliminary list. Sooo after work I stopped at one client’s house, drove an hour to another client’s house and then dropped by the Albertson’s near there (much less coupon shoppers!). I pulled up the list on my phone and clipped coupons from inserts in the car. It worked out just fine but definitely not the level of prep I usually put in! Here’s my normal “system” (varies a bit store to store):

1. Skim through the inital matchups on www.couponconnectionsnw.com and www.thecouponproject.com. If Albertson’s also check www.thekrazycouponlady.com. If Rite Aid also check www.forthemommas.com. Copy & paste obvious good deals to either a Word document if at home or to an email if at work.

2. Monitor these 4 blogs daily for any new deals that come up for the store, add to shopping list if desired.

3. Before workweek is over, print out any printable coupons that are on my list from work computers.

4. Right before putting together the final list, read through comments on the matchups of these blogs in case there are problems/other deals that other shoppers have seen. Edit list appropriately.

5. Edit final list. Print from online and/or clip coupons from inserts. On shopping list remove all other coupon options except what I will be using, note how many of items to buy, calculate final prices of each item, potentially organize into separate transactions if needed. Put coupons for each store in separate envelopes along with printed list.

6. Shop!!

So yeah….obviously I make it much more involved and time-consuming than it needs to be. The reason for that is that couponing is not just a budget necessity. It is a really enjoyable hobby and so I dwell a little more on it than necessary. But if time is of the essence, I CAN skip a bunch of these steps, as I did this week.

Anyhoo. I am glad for the weekend! I am skipping Rite Aid this week and Safeway. Might take one more trip to Albertson’s, might not. Just looking forward to sunshine, sleeping, and watching my newest addiction: True Blood. Cuz a new show is just what I need! Haha. Here’s today’s quickie trip to Albertson’s:

I paid a grand total of $4.78!

(8) Crest toothpaste – 0.65MM total
(6) Snackwells cereal bars – free (cause I need more granola bars, lol. This brings the count to 76 boxes total in the last month-ish)
(12) Knorr rice & pasta sides – $4
(2) Emerald roasted peanuts – $3.50
(2lbs) whole salmon – $3.92 (I have them fillet it for me)
I also used a $5 wyb $50 catalina that I got last week!

So I am pretty psyched about that! Here’s hoping for a sunny and restful weekend! 🙂


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