My *almost* free Rite Aid trip

July 9, 2011

Slow week, WHATEVER!! Ok, after today though, I think I am done shopping for the week. Unless doublers come out for Albertson’s. Which I don’t think will happen. (or so I hope!). The stores SEEM quiet so far….usually some crazy stupid deal comes up every time I say that. Like Rite Aid this week. I wasn’t even going to GO to RA this week. (I did actually skip last week…..and I even had a list ready.) But then……*sigh*……the Jergens moneymaker deal came out. And so…..

….the total for this trip: $0.36


Including the 2 DVD rentals.

Ok, I was so excited that I posted this on Facebook and I said I would give the full breakdown of HOW I did it. Since this isn’t *really* a coupon blog, I usually just post brags here with what I bought, total paid. But here’s the full rundown:

“*Note: Rite Aid offers UP rewards, which are the $$off coupons that print on your receipt at the end. You can use these on anything else you buy on your next transaction, just like they were cash. They won’t apply towards tax though. I shop RA a lot so I usually have a bunch of these from previous trips and just buy everything in one transaction. Right now I didn’t have any previous UPs so I did multiple transactions in order to not pay as much out of pocket. So it looks really obnoxious, but I don’t usually break it up so much!

Transaction #1

(2) Oral-B Advantages Plus toothbrush – $2.57 each
Buy 1, Receive $2+UP Reward, LIMIT 2*
Use:(2) $2/1 Oral B Toothbrushes 7/3 P&G Insert
Pay: $1.63, Receive (2) $2+UP Reward

Transaction #2

Buy 4 Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizer, 2 oz. – $2.24 each
use (4) $1/1 Jergens Natural Glow
use (2) $2 UP from transaction #1
Pay $1.81, receive (2) $5 +Up Reward, limit 2

Transaction #3

Crest Pro Health Rinse – $4.99
Buy 1, Submit for $4.50 SCR (an SCR is a rebate that RA will mail to you when enter the info online.)
$2/1 Crest Rinse 6/5 P&G Insert

(1) John Freida flyaway tamer – $9.99
(1) John Freida shampoo – $3.50 (buy one John Freida, get one 50% off)
Buy 2 John Freida products, get a $5 UP reward, limit 3
use (2)  $2/1 John Frieda  Hair Item 6/5 SS Insert
use (2) $5 UP from transaction #2
Pay:  $4.22, get $5 UP for John Freida, submit $4.50 SCR for Crest

Transaction #4

(1) John Freida conditioner – $6.99
(1) John Freida leave-in conditioner spray – $3.24 (buy one John Freida, get one 50% off)
Buy 2 John Freida products, get a $5 UP reward, limit 3
use (2)  $2/1 John Frieda  Hair Item 6/5 SS Insert
use $5 UP from transaction #3
Pay: $2.20, get $5 UP

At the end of it all, I paid $9.86 out of pocket (most of which was tax)
 I have a $5 UP leftover from transaction #4
And a $4.50 SCR coming to me from transaction #3
Which results in a grand total paid for these products of: $0.36!!!

I love couponing!


And then I just sorta “swung by” Top Foods to pick up some cheap produce. Every now and again they have some great customer appreciation coupons that come out in their sales ad. These coupons require you to purchase $10 of any and all groceries in a transaction and then you can use any and all of the coupons in the same transaction. They have these coupons out this week:

-Free organic eggs, 1 dozen large
-$2 off any meat
-$1 off any produce
-$1 off any bakery/deli item

This is a small portion of what I bought (I didn’t get a picture of it all!)

I spent $5 at Top Foods.
For that $5 I got:

(3) dozen eggs
(3) bagels
(3) ~$2 packs of beef
(1) cauliflower
(2lbs) broccoli
(1) 32oz greek yogurt

Here’s how:

Transaction #1
eggs – 4.50
beef – 2.25
bagel – 0.75
cauliflower – 2.50
– free egg coupon
-$2 off meat
-$1 off produce
-$1 off bakery
= $1.50

Transaction #2
eggs – 4.50
beef – 3.50
bagel – 0.75
broccoli – 1.25
– free eggs
-$2 off meat
-$1 off produce
-$1 off bakery
= $1.50

Transaction #3
eggs – 4.50
pork – 1.25
bagel – 0.75
broccoli – 1
yogurt – 3
– free eggs
-$2 off meat
-$1 off produce
-$1 off bakery
= $2

 I did separate transactions because you can only use each coupon once per transaction. The value of the free eggs and other couponed items is counted towards the $10 minimum total, so I ended up having a very low total after the coupons were applied! Also, the full value of the coupon was applied, even if the item didn’t cost as much as the coupon. For example, the bakery coupon was for $1 off and I bought a single bagel priced at $0.75. But the coupon still came off for $1, giving me 0.25 overage (or money “back”) that applied to the other items I was buying.

It’s all about knowing how the system works!

~Happy Hunting!

3 Responses to “My *almost* free Rite Aid trip”

  1. dclissa17 Says:

    Oh yeah, the DVDs are from the Blockbuster Express kiosk located at the Rite Aid I went to. I had free promo codes that I found on

    I have 8 promo codes to use by 7/11! My plan for the weekend: catch up on movies!

    If you would also like to rent some free movies from Blockbuster before 7/11, just go to thekrazycouponlady and search for blockbuster codes. Each code that you use will attach to whatever credit card you use. So if you have multiple cards, you can use the same code on each card you use!

  2. Shana Says:

    Wow your shops are so impressive! I’m going to Top tomorrow but I only have one set of customer appreciation coupons. Did you get more at customer service? Which Top do you shop at? I find the one in Tacoma isn’t always super coupon friendly…a couple of cashiers in particular. Thanks for sharing! I am inspired!

    • dclissa17 Says:

      Hi Shana! Thanks, I’ve been couponing about a year now and have completely fallen in love with it. It’s like the ultimate treasure hunt! At this point I’ve pretty much figured out my personal approach to couponing and streamlined it. I live in Edmonds and shop the Top Foods on 99 & 220. The coupons are only in the sales ad that comes in the mail so you can’t get extras at the store. I got mine from kind neighbors. Also a good source of extra Albertsons doubler coupons 🙂

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