Whoo hoo! Bacon!!!

June 15, 2011

It was actually a pretty quick trip, since I had only just got back into town and it was the last day of the sales week. I didn’t have much on my list and actually figured that everything I wanted for the Oscar Mayer deal would be out of stock. But just look what I was able to get!!!

All this for $9.96!!!!! I mean seriously, does it get much better than that? (NO!) I tell you, these are the times when I really do feel like an Extreme Couponer. But one who is doing this realistically, with normal time investment, buying reasonable quantities. This is when I really feel like couponing is So Much Fun!

Ok, here’s the breakdown:

(7) Oscar Mayer turkey bacon
(2) Carving board lunchmeat
(1) Lunchables Sub sandwich
(1) bunch celery
(3) big pork chops (1.5lbs)
(8) packets McCormick marinades
(5) packets Weber marinades
(5) bottles Ken’s salad dressing

Basically with coupons, doublers, and a couple bits of unexpected overage, the only items I paid anything for were the oscar mayer items. Which puts them at about $1 a piece. $1 for bacon & reallly awesome lunchmeat? Oh yeah!!! I couldn’t believe there was a whole shelf fully stocked of bacon. The truck must come on Mondays.

Take care and happy couponing!



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