Practical applications

April 28, 2011

So this morning I started to get that awful tingly feeling that signals the start of a cold sore. Yuck!! Not too much of a surprise considering the stress of the last couple of weeks…..a long hellish 5 busy days of work with a relief coworker followed by 3 LONG days of attempting to help Ash with packing for her move to California (boo!!!) It was exhausting mentally and physically with little sleep, bad eating, more drinking than normal, not getting anything done for myself, and tons of stress. So no shock that it all manifests as a cold sore! But lousy timing as I have a BUNCH of stuff to work on and get caught up on this next week.

So I was going to bed and then thought, NO I must get some Abreva on this. Found an old tube that had lost its cap and was completely dried out. Didn’t have one in the stockpile that I thought I did. Considered my options and decided that even though it was a pain to go to the store now and I just wanted to go to sleep, it would be a much bigger pain to wake up tonight with a huge blister on my face.

So I did what any self-respecting couponer would do:

1. I went to and searched the coupon database for Abreva. Bingo! 2 coupons, and they could stack! One from an RP insert, on for a the new May rite aid video values.
2. I searched my inserts, yes!! 6 copies of that one, and good til 9/15/11. Good thing! Clipped one $3/1 coupon
3. Went to and after signing on, watched the Abreva video to receive a $3/1 coupon. while there also watched a Rite Aid RX video to get a $1/1 any purchase coupon.
4. Looked through my riteaid receipts and discovered I had 2 $3 off $15 purchase survey coupons from last week. Went to and took the surveys and printed off (2) $3/15 purchase coupons.
5. Looked at what UPs I had from previous weeks. I had (2) $5, (1) $10 and (1) $1. Hmmmm……
6. I also have a 10% discount on non-sale items with my RA Wellness account and Abreva is not on sale this week.

So in order to maximize my savings and out of pocket costs, I quickly put together this short trip. Mind you,  I haven’t put together my “official” Rite Aid shopping list for this week, this was just an insta-trip to get Abreva.

(1) Abreva – $17.99
-10% discount $1.80
-$3/1 insert coupon
-$3/1 VV coupon
-$3/$15 survey coupon
-$1/1 Rx VV coupon
= $6.19

(3) Haribo gummi raspberries – $1 each
-(3) 0.30/1 printables
= $2.10

+ $1.88 in 50% Easter candy

For a grand total of: $10.17 before tax + 1.54 tax on Abreva
I used my $10 UPs
To end up paying: $1.71 for an Abreva, 3 gummies, a bag of robin’s eggs, and 2 reeses eggs

Not too bad! And this is how you take 5 minutes and make couponing work for you, even in spur of the moment situations!!!

Now let’s all cross our fingers that this early intervention banishes this cold sore just as quickly 🙂

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