Trooping on

February 25, 2011

Today was one of those odd days at work. It went really fast and I stayed occupied, but looking back I’m not sure how I stayed so busy! One great save….a cat with a clotting issue (suspect it got into ratbait) that we figured it out quick and got blood transfusions in and brought it back from the brink of death! very satisfying case.

So….once AGAIN, I said “phew, it’s a slow week at the grocery stores and Rite Aid. I can chill out the crazy coupon shopping”. Once again, I am proving myself wrong. While the week’s sales are not many, the things that ARE great deals are big ones. And I have meat coupons for Safeway that expire 2/28 ($2 off any beef purchase…no minimum required! So I’m getting lots of packs of single cheaper steaks and small packs of stew meat for just over $2/pk minus $2 coupon = nearly free! I had 24 of these coupons, have to use them in separate transactions so I’ve been slowly buying beef for like 5 weeks. And at RiteAid, there is a HUGE sale (equaling $0.30/item) of Johnson & Johnson baby products that there is a zillion different coupons out for. Stock is limited and running out everywhere so its multiple stores/trips to gather them. AND I have rainchecks for deodorant from last week that I have coupons for to equal $0.80 moneymakers per item. The problem is that those coupons expire in 2 days and I actually made the mistake of BUYING the coupons. So I have 15 coupons left and if I don’t find at least 10 more deodorants to purchase with them in the next 2 days, I won’t break even on the deal. It’s not a huge deal if I don’t, but I hate to end up paying for a deal that should have been free (or make money!) just because I didn’t pay attention. I wouldn’t have bought the extra coupons if I had realized the expiration date was only ONE week out from the sales week. I KNEW that I’d be needing rainchecks and that it would probably take 2-4 weeks to gather all the stock….at least without running around to all 5 area stores 3 times this week. SOOO this week I’ve been stopping at a different Safeway & Rite Aid on my way home from work each morning. It’s worked out….I’ve picked up 2-5 J&J baby products each time, gathered some other raincheck items at RA and a couple of other weekly deals, bought 2-3 meat packages a day, and not extended my day too much. Now down to 1 meat coupon and need 10 more deodorants (have coupons for 15 though). Luckily all the area RA get their supply trucks in today. So on my way to work tonight going to stop at one (hope they have deodorant!) and stop at another (or two) on the way home tomorrow. I’ll be glad to get ANY more of those deodorants! And count it as a lesson learned.

Ok that’s a lot of expanding on the coupon thing. Basically: it’s going well. I love it, even when I’m frustrated by it. It’s a very fun new hobby. As for SB, I’m very happy with how things are going. I’m definitely still working on convincing myself to do better on the exercise front though I think that will be easier once spring comes along. Food is going much better than I thought it would and drinking is drastically improved. Yay!

I still need to do a weekly meal plan, though I’ve been doing ok through this week “winging it”:

B: HB egg, chicken, a few grapes, Motts veggie/jucie medley
L: steak, mashed sweet potatoes, asparagus, coffee
S: veggies w/ hummus, 2 oreos
D: tuna alfrdo w/ ww rotini, cauliflower/carrot/cranberry steamers, sparkling vitamin zero cranberry
S: 1/2 apple w/ PB, greek yogurt w/ jello powder

Did do exercises yesterday morning. Today not so much. Tonight is the last day of work and then 4 off. Have a TON of stuff I need to get down this weekend. Errands, housework, Pets at Home business, SB planning, etc. Going to sleep now!