In the land of darkness

November 22, 2010

I have been sick. Horribly terribly wretchedly sick. And yes, I realize I am blowing it out of proportion. After all, it was a cold. A typical cold, here and developed and basically passed in a week’s time. But it feels like it has been quite a while since my last full cold and I as always forgot how much it SUCKS.

It started with a tickle in the throat on Sunday. I started taking my Zicam. I applauded myself on the fact that I had plenty of Zicam and cold meds and cough drops stocked up from my RiteAid trips. Monday I woke to the apartment covered in vomit and diarrhea from the dog’s stupid forage through the trash the night before. Awesome. I rented a steam cleaner and proceeded to clean carpets thoroughly twice in the next 24 hours. Tuesday I woke to go to work feeling slightly run-down, the cough starting, and my back on fire from my unwise decision to clean the carpets myself. A long night ensued, with frequent applications of Zicam and Ibuprofen. Wednesday night my back felt somewhat better, but the cold was starting to descend into my lungs. Halfway through the night my body decided it was really just quite done with this working thing. The cold ascended into my nose and sinuses, making life miserable and working frustrating. I cursed that i hadn’t brought any cold meds with me, just cough drops which I didn’t need. I helped with treatments and then collapsed in a heap in the break room with a blanket in between. The morning was excruciating to get through and the second reinforcements started to arrive I ran for home.

Thursday and Friday are a blur of chicken noodle soup, hot tea, Zicam, cold meds, kleenex, and my trusty heating pad. I spent much time in my recliner dazedly watching shows online. No talking on the phone, no internet browsing, no coupon organizition-ing, and happily the dog’s could sense my misery and allowed me to simply drag myself outside only twice a day to let them have potty breaks.

By Saturday I finally felt human again. I had traded days…working Saturday for a co-worker (she worked my Thursday night thank god). So it worked out ok, I didn’t have to call in sick on Thursday like I would have. Work on Saturday was fine, I kept up on Zicam but was surprised when my back lit on fire again. Apparently the rest of the last 2 days coupled with the Acetaminophen in the cold meds had hid that my back was still completely screwed up from that demented steam cleaner. So Ibuprofen joined the regimen again.

Tonight I don’t feel too bad. I’ve actually made real dinners the last couple of days. My back is still a mess, I will hopefully get into the chiropractor tomorrow and then I have a massage appointment on Tuesday. Wednesday I fly to Nebraska to visit family over the holiday so if I’m lucky my back will be recovered by then. Otherwise and even suckier flights than they already are. I have a lot to do before then, and I work tomorrow night which is a bummer. But at least I found a coworker to watch the creatures for me…….

I know you probably can barely believe it, but I did manage to get to Rite Aid before work on Saturday night. Prior to sickness laying me out, I had copied over a few  simple deals. It took just a bit of cutting coupons and I ran out to the nearest store. I wasn’t going to search all over town, do a million transactions to minimize leftover UPRs, or do anything complex, but there WERE a few really good moneymakers that I figured I should take advantage of. So here’s the score:

Total Paid: $2.07 ($1 SCR pending) so really $1.07
Regular price: $70.90
Savings: 97%

Ok, so this was a super-fast trip, but really great deals! It should have actually been a moneymaking trip but a couple of snafus occurred. The run-down:

(8) Gain dish soap – 0.89 ea
-(8) 1/1 coupons from 10/10 P&G
should have been 0.03 MM each but one of the 1/1 coupons wouldn’t scan so ended up as $0.80 OOP
(9) Herbal essences – $2.99 ea
-(9) 2/1 coupons from 10/31 P&G 
Get (9) $2 UPR
This one worked out perfectly except the poor cashier had to manually enter each $2/1 coupon! $0.73 MM each ($6.57 MM)
(2) Blistex – 2/$3
-(1) 0.55/1 coupon
-(1) 0.25/1 coupon
Get (2) $1 UPR
So it should have been pay $0.49 for 2 but I only received one UPR so it really was $1.49 for both. Ok price but I would have skipped it….
(1) Revlon lipstick @ 7.99 and (1) Revlon eyeshadow for $3.25 (50% off)
-$5/1 Revlon lipstick wellness coupon
Get $4 UPR
Get $1 SCR for eyeshadow
$3.30 (before SCR). This one also went perfectly. In the end it will be 2.30 or just 1.15 each which is awesome pricing.

Sooo all in all it should have been about a $1 MM. But  I had a $2 UPR that ended up bonking and not going through because there wasn’t enough pre-tax charges to account for it. So I lost that UPR entirely. Which basically put me at $1 cost for everything. Or 5 cents a piece! Which is still pretty darn good!!!

Of all of that, one of the Blistex, 2 of the Gain, and 5 of the Herbal Essence went to my stockpile. 2 of the Gain, the 2 Revlon products, and the other Blistex went to my gift pile. The other 4 Gain and 4 Herbal Essence went in the donation pile!

I have just tomorrow and Tuesday to do a run for this week as I will be out of town the rest of the time. I have a couple of deals copied over and will see if anything else develops tomorrow. I will probably go out Tuesday to take advantage a those few deals and maybe use some of those leftover UPRs towards candy for the plane trip! 😉

Take care and have a good holiday!


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