Here a brownie, there a brownie, everywhere a brownie!!

November 16, 2010

So one of the big kicks I get out of couponing is seeing other’s reactions to my telling *cough* bragging to*cough* them about it. People are always amazed and/or shocked that such things are possible. And legal! lol I also love that I can have a pile of bags of food/items that I got for free or basically such to donate to a food bank/shelter. And it’s fun to have my best friend over to the Grocery Store of Melissa before I take those bags to the shelter so that she can go through and pick stuff out for her family. I just got back from a (surprisingly quick) trip to Albertson’s and had to call her to come over and take a shop through my doney pile because it was going to be completely out of hand! I plan on taking a load to the food bank tomorrow.

Remember how a couple of posts ago I was (again) saying how it looked pretty boring at Albertson’s this week? Yeah, I think I’m going to just stop saying those things. I wanted to go and get the California Pizza kitchen deal. And I had heard somewhere about a buy 10 brownies and get them for free situation. So I was going to do that. Then I figured I had enough coupons to get 20 brownies. Even better. Then I had to go to Albertson’s this morning to rent a steam cleaner (we won’t speak of why-stupid dogs). And there was a beautiful stack of the doubler coupons right there at customer service. So I took a few. Once back home, I decided that since I had these lovely doublers, I should see how to best take advantage of them. And holy cow, just look what happened next:

Baking insanity at Albertson's 11.15.10

Total Paid: $7.16 (no, that’s NOT a typo!!) And really it’s $4.16 because I have a $3 catalina leftover!
Regular price: $148.17
Savings: 95%!!!!!!

Have I said it before? I LOVE Albertson’s!

I did learn something new though. I knew that I could only use 3 doubler coupons per transaction. So I split this into 5 transactions. The cashier informed me that we are only supposed to use 9 doublers total during any visit. So next time, if I want to use more than that, I will need to do another visit a different day. She very kindly let me use them all this time. I really appreciate when the cashiers let me know if I’m not using something right, as my intention is never to get away with anything. And if I know how to do things correctly, I can be prepared properly and make everything go much more quickly.  For instance, despite this being a HUGE order with 5 separate transactions, the entire trip from time I arrived at the store to the time I was leaving the store was only about 20 minutes. I knew exactly what I was getting, had my transactions carefully spelled out and coupons divided and ordered. It was easy peasy!! Here’s what I got:

(6) bags Nestle choc. chips – 1.49 each
-(2) 1.25/3 coupons from 11/14 RP
(4) California Pizza Kitchen (single size) – $2.5o each
-(4) 1.50/1 printable coupons
(24) Betty Crocker traditional Brownie mix – $0.49 each
-(11) 1/2 coupons from Safeway Thanksgiving coupon books
(10) BC Cookie pouch mixes – $0.99 ea
-(5) 1/2 coupons from Safeway Thanksgiving coupon books
(5) BC cake mix – $0.49 each – and (5) BC frosting – $0.99 ea
-(5) 1/one of each coupons from Safeway Thanksgiving coupon books
(1) bunch asparagus -$1.11
(1) bunch celery – $0.89

+(15) doublers at $1 each

Basically the doublers made the 0.49 items $1 MM and the 0.99 items free. Mixing and matching through the transactions made each transaction come out to $0.80-$2.90 OOP. Plus I have a $3 catalina from the CPK and a $7 off wyb $50 catalina!

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