Another day, another treasure hunt

November 16, 2010

Yeah, so I do enjoy the Rite Aid deals. I just wish I didn’t have to drive ALL OVER TOWN to get the stuff on my list. And it’s not like I’m talking about finding 6 or 8 of something. All I can say is there must be a bunch of other avid Rite Aid couponers in my neighborhood because any given store is out of 3/4 of what I want to get. 4 stores later, I’ll usually have collected just about everything on the list. But the idea of this couponing adventure is not to spend hours cavorting around town, spending gas money and sanity searching through stores (and did I mention that every single one is arranged differently!) for a few items.

*sigh*. However, I do think the out of the way store fairly near me that I just discovered a couple of weeks ago (and for some reason always go to last) seems to be the most well stocked. They are usually not too busy and the staff is very friendly too. I think I will START there next week.  On the down side, not a SINGLE store that I went to carried the Nivea men’s body wash. Plenty of women’s Nivea body wash and about 7 other brands of men’s body wash, but they didn’t even CARRY the men’s Nivea. Sooooo frustrating since I had coupons enough to get 6 of them for free. Oh welll…

Here’s the (eventual) score:

Rite Aid 11.13.10

Total paid: $8.53
Regular price: $106.64
Savings: 92%

It may have be a slightly annoying couple of days……but you can’t beat a 92% savings on over $100 of product!!!!

Despite my carefuly planning, several things changed along the way. The Nivea was a no-go, as stated above. Also, I had planned on getting a bunch of Hall’s cough drops since they would have ended up free but the site I was looking at had them listed at $1.00 each and really they were $1.50. So I put those back, I have plenty of Hall’s and Ricola that I got recently for free, no need to pay 50c each! I couldn’t find any of the holiday Glade candle items at any of the stores, so I adjusted my plan on that and just got 2 others for a slightly higher price than the 6 I was planning to get. (my coupon was only for the holiday ones, so I used a different coupon). And we had some snafu’s with UPRs printing, but the stores very simply and handily resolved that for me. Yay Rite Aid!

(2) Crest – $2.99
-(2) 1/1 P&G coupon
Get (2) $2.99 UPR
=$1.45 MM
(interestingly enough, I bought these in the same transaction and had no problems with both UPRs printing. After reading some of the comments of other shoppers on various blogs and with the issues I had earlier in the day, I was frankly surprised that of all of my items, this one had no issues.)

(2) Oral B toothbrush – $2.99
-(2) 1/1 flu book coupon
Get (2) 2.99 UPR
= $1.45 MM!
Ok, so the first 2 stores I went to did not have any Crest, but they did have the Oral B toothbrush. So I got one at each store. Both times the UPR failed to print even though I had the correct item. The first time, the store manager just refunded the $2.99 UPR onto my credit card. The second time, that store manager wrote me a “raincheck” for the $2.99 UPR, which the 3rd Rite Aid took and pushed through as a manually entered coupon without any problem.

Garnier get $5 UPR wyb $15: I did 2 transactions

(1) blow-dry perfector – $12.99
(1) mousse – $3
-(1) 1/1 Garnier VV
-(2) 1/1 Garnier style manu
-(1) 5/1 blow-dry VV
Get $5 UPR

(5) Garnier mousse/conditioner – $3 each
-(5) 1/1 Garnier style manu
Get $5 UPR

Maybelline eye studio – $4.01 (@ 40% off)
-(1) 2/1 Maybelline eye manu
-(1) 2/1 Maybelline VV
= $0.39!

(2) Sundown vitamins – $3.49 BOGO
-(1) 3/2 Sundown printable
-(1) 1/1 Sundown VV
= $0.18 MM!

(2) Glade oil candle refills – 2/$5
-(1) 1.50/2 printable
Get $1 UPR
=$2.98 (1.49ea)

I also got a birthday card, some Skittles for 25cents, 2 more Reach floss for free, a Hormel dinner for free, a bag of Halloween KitKat for $1, and 4 cute Halloween decorations for 25cents each (90%off!).  I am EXTREMELY happy about the outcome of this trip, not only for the awesome savings, but that everything that I bought to be donated was a moneymaker, and everything else was stuff I needed to stock up on for awesome prices, AND I didn’t get any big extra stuff to throw off my whole thing!! In fact, the only extras at all were the Halloween candy/decorations and the b-day card. If I hadn’t bought those, my OOP would have been: $3.86. But the bday card was perfect and needed and the Halloween stuff was extremely negligible price-wise.

So yay!!! Into the donation pile goes:

(1) Oral-B toothbrush, (2) Sundown vitamins, (2) Reach floss

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