I really need to buy a little freezer….

November 12, 2010

I love couponing. It is my ultimate dream combination of love of shopping, love of food, and love of frugality. Right now I am a bit obsessive-compulsive with it which will probably fade somewhat with time. This is the point where I am still figuring out the rules, refining my approach, becoming more efficient, and learning exactly HOW I want to coupon.

I have always liked to stockpile food as I love the freedom of being able to have most anything I want to make for dinner at any given moment without needing to take a trip to the store. I have also found how NICE a buffer this is when my income dips for a short period of time. Now I just have bigger stockpiles. Freezing milk is awesome, FYI, especially if like me you only use milk for cooking/baking and don’t go through it very fast. I can buy a gallon of milk 1/2 off because it expires in 2 days, split it in 4 and freeze it and then just thaw it as I need it, resulting in very cheap milk that doesn’t get wasted nearly as much.

I would love to take further advantage of produce, frozen foods, and meat deals but I need to have a little chest freezer to store it in. I’ve toyed with this idea for a couple of years, but I think with the start of all this aggressive couponing, it may finally be time to actually do it. I’ll keep my eye on craigslist as I can’t even dream of paying new prices…..unless there is a really good sale at an outlet store for something energy star rated! 🙂

Anyhoo, I have decided to continue shopping at Rite Aid primarily for now. Just as I don’t need to go to every single grocery store (I concentrate just on Albertson’s and Safeway and will likely be mostly fazing out Safeway because of their new obnoxious couponing program that will be out soon), I don’t need to go to all of the drug stores. Rite Aid often has better deals since they have the VV and SCR deals that can be stacked with store coupons and manufacturer coupons. Plus, I find their system with the UPRs less confusing the Walgreen’s RRs and item/coupon number limits which result in having to buy fillers just to use your RRs. Anything that makes me buy something just to use a coupon I EARNED I find annoying and counterproductive. However, I will continue to do quick scans of the Walgreen’s deals each week in order to catch any really great moneymakers that come around. I will just make sure to not have leftovers RRs so I don’t need to return withinany kind of preset timeframe.

So. This week. Grocery stores SEEM pretty boring, but I said that last week and ended up taking trips to both of them. It’s only Friday so I’m not counting anything out yet. There is a good deal at Albertson’s: California Pizza Kitchen, buy 4 @ $2.50ea, use (4) 1.50/1 manu coupons, get a $3 catalina = $1 for 4 or $0.25each!! I was able to get my hands on 4 coupons so far, so I will be taking advantage of this deal at least.

Safeway has 2L Sierra Mist on sale (4) for $0.99ea, use (4) $1/1 from the Thanksgiving coupon book = free (0.04MM)! So I will stop in quick like to get at least 4, hopefully 8 of those.

The great thing about the food deals vs. the drugstore items is that food has no sales tax. So “free” deals really are FREE! Whereas other household items that are “free” after coupon actually have tax that is calculated before coupons…..and if it’s a high value item, the tax can be fairly significant, especially if I want to do multiples of the deal. I have starting making sure I calculate the tax beforehand so that I don’t get too out of control.

I’ve put together an awesome deal list for Rite Aid this week. Garnier was on sale FINALLY! I desperately needed to stock up, had to buy another brand of mousse that was not on a good sale last week because I had run completely out. 😐  Also, Glade scented oil candle and scented oil refills were on sale, so I wanted to stock up further on those. All the rest of the items were free or moneymakers, a lot of which I plan to donate.

I took a trip today, but there were out of about half of the items. I will stop by another Rite Aid or two tomorrow to try and complete my list. I sooo wish the Rite Aid’s around here would stock for the sales better! I will post my pic and list after I have done all the trips……but I stuck just to what I was looking for, found a new coupon for Maybelline that will let me get some more cheap makeup, and the prices I paid stayed right were they should have! Yay!

Next week before I leave for Thanksgiving I need to take a trip to the food bank. I have lots of dressing, cereal, fruit snacks, cold medicine, cough drops, and dental hygiene items to donate! 🙂


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