Albertson’s is my friend

November 9, 2010

So I wasn’t going to go to the grocery stores this week, remember? But then I acquired 2 copies of the Sunday paper inserts that have the Albertson’s doubler coupons in them. AndI figured I would see if there were any deals that would be good enough with the doublers to make it worth my while to stop in for a quick shop. And oh boy, did I!

Albertson's 11.9.10

Total Paid: $6.39
Regular price: $43.76
Savings: 85%

How is that for awesome????

(3) Sweet Moments: 1.99
– (3) 1/1 printables (doubled
(2) Scented oil candles refills + (1) scented oil candle holder: 1.99 ea
-(1) 3/3
(4) veggies: 0.39 ea
(2) Mento’s gum: 0.99 ea
-(2) 1/1 (doubled)
(2) President’s Brie cheese: 5.99 BOGO
-(2) 1/1
=$6.39 for alllllllll!!

Albertson’s is awesome. Enough said.

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