Winter is coming….boo!

November 7, 2010

It’s getting cold and rainy out, steadily and surely more and more. So sad. It’s weird that my moving into my new apartment coincided almost perfectly with the end of the true summer weather. The thought that I will be waiting MONTHS to take advantage of this excellent beach-close location is depressing.

Halloween was fun for the most part. I went with Dave & Ash to a houseparty at her boss’s house on Saturday. And I remembered how much I don’t like parties. Especially ones where I don’t know anyone. And I can’t hear anything anyone is saying. And I didn’t bring my own car and am therefore held hostage by the momma of toddler who can party ALL NIGHT. ūüėź On Sunday (actual Halloweed)¬†I worked a few hours for a co-worker, then met up with Jess from work and we hung out at her friend’s bar. It was a good time…..nearly free food and great drinks, getting all dressed up (I was Heidi again this year), the bar was pretty quiet so it was no stress like the night before had been.

The business is coming along. I got another new client this week, a cat with a feeding tube. The owners and the cat are just so nice, perfect clients. It’s just a one-week gig, but they are plastering the town with good word of mouth so that’s wonderful. I think it will filter through slowly and the business with pick up, which I am fine with the gradual build.

Yes, and I went shopping. I know I was a little reserved about the drug store thing. But it went so well last week and there were such great deals around this week that I threw myself into it. I did a trip to Rite Aid and to Walgreen’s earlier this week with fairly good results. I didn’t have a great deal of the coupons though so a lot of deals were skipped. And as the week went on, more and more deals kept coming to light. I ended up breaking down and buying some inserts off of e-bay. They were bought specifically for high-value coupons they contained that would create moneymakers and thereby instantly pay off the cost of buying the entire inserts. And I’m certain to get many more coupons used out of them so I’m ok with it. But I think that makes me officially a super-couponer!!

The grocery stores were pretty bleh this week. I am stocked well at home so I didn’t take any trips except a quick one to Safeway to take advantage of a cereal promo:

Safeway 11.6.10

Total: $22.16
Reg Price: $49.87
Coupons: $7.70
Savings off reg: 56%

So when you glance at it, it doesn’t look so great, numbers-wise. But here’s the list:
(5) Cheerios
(3) Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Final price: $0.75 each!
(2) Chicken Broth on sale 50% off (1.50ea)
Final price: $$1.13 each!
10 lbs of potatoes = $0.99!
The big money outlays really came from the Seasonal coffee that I bought ($7.49 after $1 coup) and the bottle of wine (4.99 but I have a $3 MIR!)

A lot of this will be donated. My main reason for doing this deal was to get some cereal at a good price. The other deals were somewhat incidental and because these deals hinged on in-ad coupons (cereal) and you have to have a $10 min. purchase and I had 2 separate transactions requiring $10min I found other useful items with good savings.

Into the donation pile: 
3 Cinnamon toast crunch, 2 Cheerios, potatoes.
OOP cost: $4.74

After I received my newly purchased inserts and acquired some from neighbors I started looking through the deals again and the comments from other shoppers. I put together shopping lists for a second¬†trip to Walgreen’s and Rite Aid. (I know,I know!!) The Walgreen’s was pretty¬†easy but¬†sooo many things were out of stock or only had one of things. I ended up going to 4 Rite Aid stores through the day.¬†2 on my way home in the morning and then 2 on my way home¬†in the evening. I didn’t really go out of my way though and they were quick stops. I ended up finding everything except for one item that one shopper had found on clearance. I am very happy with how¬†these deals turned out, I just wish you could coupon off tax!!!

Walgreen's 11.6.10

Total paid: $16.26 (of which $7.08 was tax)

¬†Ok, so this was a BIG shop. Luckily the¬†cashier was very nice! This was done in 5 (FIVE!) transactions, though most of them were pretty simple. ¬†I’m not exactly sure what happened as all the items I bought with coupons were pretty straightforward free & moneymakers The other items were supposed to be fillers for the moneymakers so that I could roll the RRs. Here’s what I got:

(8) Bags Ricola cough drops = free! + 0.75tax
(8) NyQuil Sinex = $12 MM – $3.80 tax = $8.20
(1) Zarbee’s = free! + $0.57 tax

And then apparently I lost my min with the fillers. Essentially I needed $12 in fillers from the NyQuil MM. Of course, this $12 was split between a few different transactions. 2 items that I definitely needed to get was bread and milk. Here’s what happened.

(12) Reese’s pumpkins – supposed to be 75% off (0.13ea) but was charged 0.18ea? = $2.16
1 Halloween costume – 50% off (9.99)
1 gallon milk – $1.99
1 loaf WW bread – $2.49
(2) glade candles BOGO – $3.79 ($1.90ea- not awesome)

So one of my undoings and completely unnecessary purchases was the candles. I had totally screwed up the deal in my head and had been going to get 3 candles with 3 coupons to equal about $1 each. But it was NOT the right way to use the coupons and there I was at checkout thrown for a loop. It worked out ok, I’m just annoyed that I ended up with so much OOP. Ah well….

Into the donation pile:
(6) NyQuil Sinex, (8) Ricola drops, (1) Zarbee’s = cost of $4.17 (all tax!)

Rite Aid 11.6.10

Total paid: $5.09 ($3.19 of tax) + $3 UPR leftover = $2.09

Like I said above, this shop was VERY well planned in advance. However a couple of complications occured: 1. I had to go to 4 stores to acquire everything on the list as much was out of stock by this point. 2.I forgot¬†that you can’t use¬†coupons¬†against¬†tax. Here’s the breakdown:

(4) Splenda w/ fiber packets – $2.99
-(4) $2/1 coupons
-Get (4) $1 UPR
= 0.04 moneymaker!

(6) Secret (travel-sized) 1.29
(6) Olay Body Bars (BOGO50% off) 3.49 
-(6) $5/1 Olay when you buy any Secret
The kicker to this particular deal is that I didn’t get (5) of the $5 coupons until later in the dayand I didn’t know if they would arrive at all so I did the first transaction with just one secret & one Olay. Which was still fine because it was less then $5. And then I did the other 5 sets at once, which meant 3 Olay at reg price and 2 Olay at 1/2 off. Also, I guess the cashier is supposed to adjust the coupon price down as it creates an overage but neither cashier did so. Which meant this deal had¬†subtotal of $25.28 – $30 in coupons to create a $4.72 moneymaker! (tax was $2.40 so = $2.31 MM!)

(6) Reach floss – 0.99
-(2) 1/1 printables
So here’s the thing on the floss. I was initially going to buy 4 (I had 4 coupons). I bought the 4 along with the Secret/Olay transaction….but when the cashier didn’t adjust those coupons….it ended up that the floss was essentially a filler. And he couldn’t scan the coupons for them. Sooooo I got them for free, just not as I was expecting. I had one more store to stop by so I figured if they had any floss left, I’d pick up another 4 and use the coupons like i had planned to get them for free. The last store only had 2 floss left though, so I ended up with 6 total for Free!

(2) Colgate Total BOGO $2.79
-(2) 1/1 from insert
-(1) 1/1 VV
=$0.21 moneymaker! (0.27tax = cost of 0.06)

So as you can see, all of my items were moneymakers basically. Because of this, I wasn’t able to use any of my Splenda UPRs so I have (3) $1 UPRs for next time. This was a somewhat obnoxious yet fun treasure-hunting trip!

Into the donation pile:
(3) Splenda, (3) Secret, (6) Olay, (6) floss, (2) Colgate
Total: $1.90 tax

The list for Riteaid next week looks pretty promising. Walgreen’s was pretty spare so I won’t plan a trip there, but I’ll keep my eye on any deals that pop up through the week. We’ll see what the grocery stores have going!

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