Yeah so I didn’t get around to the cheese..

October 26, 2010

Ok I have been busy (and lazy too!) so I haven’t been posting all my awesome deals. But take heart, I HAVE been keeping up on the super couponing, just not taking the time to post it all up.

There was this ridiculous cheese and hot dogs deals……basically I bought something like 25 bags of shredded cheese and 15 packs of hot dogs for free. But I didn’t take any pics and I don’t have the energy to go back and calculate through all the receipts. Suffice it to say that I have lots of hot dogs and I sent a ton of cheese and hot dogs to my friend Ash. These are the moments that I jones for a spare freezer…..

So, I DID take pics of my last shop at Safeway and Albertson’s last week and while it was not my most awesome deals ever, there were several good things going on. Here we go:

Safeway 10.19.10

Total regular price: $89.49
What I paid: $34.84
Coupons: $19.50
Savings off Reg. price: 61%

So while I didn’t save a huge giant percentage like sometimes, here are the highlights:

  • The Sweet Moments are normally $3.49 each but after the store coupon of $1.50 x 4, (1) $1 e-coupon, (2) 1.50/1 printables and (2) 1/1 printable it totalled out to $1.96 for 4 or $0.49 each! (86% savings)
  • I had a heads-up in the comments on another blog about the Cottonelle TP, which was good because there was nothing marked about the catalina but it DID print (phew!): Bought (2) 12roll for normally $9.99 each but minus store coupon of $5 x 2, (2) $2/1 coupons found ON SHELF, and received a $2 wyb 2 catalina for a total of: $3.98 for 2 or $1.99 each! (80% savings)
  • Nivea lip care chapstick is $2.97 normally but was on sale for 99c. I bought 3 as I had (1) $1/1 and (2) $2/2 coupons which equals a $0.03 moneymaker!
  • Progresso soup was on sale for 88c. I bought 4 cans, using (2) 0.55/2 e-coupons and (1) 1/4 printable to equal $0.38 each (85% savings)

The other items were just items that I needed that were also good sales deals without being spectacular.

I will use all of this, though I did put 2 of the Nivea chapsticks into my gift drawer.

Albertsons 10.19.10

Total regular price: $104.75
What I paid: $35.75 (should have been $28.75)
Coupon savings: $19.25 (should have been $26.25)
Savings off Reg. price: 65% (should have been 73%)

Ok so the Albertson’s deals were a little larger and more chaotic (catalinas) so that created the unfortunate necessity of multiple transactions. You get the best deals usually with catalinas but the multiple transactions make them more complicated, stressful, and gives more opportunity for things to go wrong. In this case, there is a Fiber one catalina running where you Buy 5, get $3.50 back. But for some reason, neither of my Fiber One catalinas printed, leaving me $7 over in my expected costs. I need to find the number for the catalina co. and give them a call. From what I can tell on my receipt, it appears that one of the flavors of the Fiber One bars are in the computer system as GM Cereal Bars instea of GM Fiber One Bar and this is probably why it didn’t print….but ALL the boxes clearly state Fiber One Chewy Granola Bar so I think the cata co will mail me the coupons. Annoying though, and totally through me off at the store. There was also a promo running through GM where when you bought $20 (AFTER manu coupons) you received $5 off (basically a 25% off each item). Here’s my plot, I did 3 transactions.

Transaction #1:
 This was soley geared to the $5/wyb$20 promo and taking advantage of a couple of cata promos that also overlapped with this promo.

  • (5) Fruit rollup snacks – $2ea
  • (5) Fiber One bars – $2.50ea
  • (2) Betty Crocker potato pouches – $1ea
    -$5 promo
    -(1) 0.50/2 rollups
    -(1) 1/3 rollups
    -(5) 0.50/1 Fiber One
    -(1) 1/2 BC potatoes
    and receive $3 rollup cata (and supposed to get a $3.50 Fiber One cata)
    plus the cashier doubled 3 coupons for -$2 additional

Total of $12.95 OOP ($6.45 after catas)  and everything was donated.

Transaction #2
This was a 2nd transaction geared for the $5wyb$20 promo

  • (5) Fiber One bars – $2.50ea
  • (5) Chex Mix – $1.69ea
  • (1) El Paso refried beans – $1
  • (6) Tuna Helper – $1ea
    -$5 off promo
    -(5) 0.50/1 Fiber One
    -(5) 0.50/1 Chex Mix
    -(1) 0.50/1 El Paso
    -(2) 0.75/3 Helper
    and supposed to receive a $3.50 Fiber One cata
    also -$1.75 in doubles from the cashier

I used the previous $3 rollups cata to equal a total OOP: $10.20. This is all stuff I will use, so it went into the stockpile that I have been slowly working on eating up.

Transaction #3:
This was kind of a buy things if there is a great deal, seat-of-the-pants type of transaction. The only thing set on it was to get (2) 1doz. eggs that were on sale for 50c w/ in-ad coupon. I planned on using the $3.50 Fiber One cata from Trans.#2 that I didn’t end up getting. So I ended up with a higher OOP on this one than I thought: $10.20. Oh well.

All in all, it was a good shopping trip. I got a bunch of stuff I needed, some really awesome deals, and added to both my donation pile and my stockpile of staples.


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