Drug store forays

October 26, 2010

Soooo…..I kept reading about all of the Awesome Spectacular Money-Making Freebies Oh The Amazing Rite Aid and Walgreens Deals!!!! I had previousl decided against the whole drug store couponing in thing for several reasons:
1. It’s more stores to go to…..more time spent coordinating and clipping and calculating and shopping.
2. I don’t NEED a lot of the stuff that those deals are for
3. A fundamental part of RiteAid deals are video values where you have to watch a bunch of videos online to get the coupons
4. Another major Rite Aid deals are the SCRs: online rebates where you don’t see the value for 6-8 weeks
5. Both use their own version of OYNO coupons on many of the items, which means you have to go back within 2 weeks to use the coupon AND you often need to split your shop into multiple transactions in order to roll these coupons and not end up with either a lot of OOP costs or a huge amount of OYNO coupons at the end.

But I kept seeing all of these great free and moneymaking deals. And they are awfully tempting. And I can see how once you get into the groove of this type of couponing, its not so overwhelming. I’ve been doing the regular couponing for a few months now and felt more comfortable, so I decided to give it a go. I am pretty happy with the results:


Walgreen's 10.25.10

Grand total: $8.70 (after RR)

I calculated this out in great detail before my trip and stuck exactly to my list, though I moved it around a little to make sure I didn’t lose out on any of the Register Rewards (RR). My biggest snafu was that I didn’t realize that technically the RR are manufacturer coupons and you can’t use more manu coupons that you have items. So if I bought 3 items and used a manu coupon on each of them, I can’t also use a RR in that transaction. I didn’t realize this and so was not able to actually roll the RR like I had planned, which resulted in me paying more OOP and having a bunch of RR leftover. Oh well, I’ll just have to go back!

Transaction #1:

  • (1) Contact cold & flu – $6
  • (2) Purex 3-in-1 – 2/$9
    -(1) $2/1 Contact printable
    -(2) $3/1 Purex from RP
    Get: $1 RR for Purex
    Get: $6 RR for Contact
    Total OOP: $8.43

Transaction #2

  • (2) Purex 3-in-1 – 2/$9
  • (1) Colgate sensitive toothpaste – $3.49
    -(2) $3/1 Purex from RP
    -(1) $1/1  Colgate print
    I also bought a Gummy Bears for $1 so that I could use my $6 RR Contact. Stupid move but this is when I discovered the manu coupon/RR restriction thing and I panicked a little. I LOVE gummy bears though so all’s good.
    Get: $1 RR for Purex
    Get: $3.50 RR for Colgate
    Total OOP: $1.77

Transaction #3:
There was a promo: Buy $10 selected snacks, get $3 RR + 2 redbox rentals.

  • (4) Chex Mix – 1.50ea ($6)
  • (3) Bugles – 1.50ea (4.50)
    -(7) 0.50/1 chex/bugles
    Get: $3 RR for snacks
    Get: 2 Free Redbox rentals ($2.18)
    Total OOP: $7

So my grand total OOP: $17.20
I have $8.50 in RR leftover
For a grand total of $8.70!!

Into the donation pile: 2 of the Purex, the Colgate toothpaste, 1 Bugles, 2 Chex Mix.
Total cost: $1.78

I guess I have to say that that was worth it!!! The hardest part of putting together the deal was figuring out which coupons I did and didn’t have when looking at the online deals sites (forthemommas.com) (wildforwags.com). I don’t regularly get all the inserts from the Sun. papers and I don’t always get to certain printables in time so that makes it more complicated.

And then RiteAid….where I had the slowest old lady cashier ever. At least everything worked out just like I had planned it. The only thing was the unknown of what some of the prices would be.


Rite Aid 10.25.10

Total: $27.41 (after rebates)

Can you tell that cold season is upon us! lol I broke this into 3 transactions in order to take advantage of the +Up (UPR) coupons. I did watch of ton of the October videos yesterday so I had a few VV coupons available for use, and luckily only one of my items had a SCR (single check rebate) so that’s less OOP. Here goes….

Transaction #1

  • (2) Renpure Organics shampoo/conditioner – $6.99 BOGO
  • (2) Quaker Oats – 2/$5
  • (2) NYC Color makeup – $1.99ea
  • get (2) NYC nail polish free
  • (2) Oscillococcinum 12ct. $19.99 BOGO
    -(1) $3/1 Renpure VV
    -(2) 1/1 Quaker Oats print
    -(2) 1/1 NYC print
    -(2) 2/1 Oscillo print
    -(1) 3/1 Oscillo VV
    -(1) $4/$20 VV

    Get: (4) $1 UPR for NYC
    Get: (1) $2 UPR for Renpure
    Get: (2) $1 UPR for Quaker Oats
    Get: (1) $2 UPR for Oscillo
    Submit: $3 MIR for Renpure
    Total OOP: $21.28

Transaction #2:

  • (6) Hall’s cough drops – 1.50ea ($9)
  • (2) Zicam – $12.99 BOGO
    -(1) $4/6 Halls from insert
    -(2) 0.50/1 Halls VV
    -(1) $1off VV
    -(2) $2/1 Zicam coupon booklet
    -$10 in previous trans. UPR

    Get: (2) $1 UPR for Halls (should have been 3?)
    Get: (2) $2 UPR for Zicam
    Total OOP: $4.43

Transaction #3

  • (1) Abreva – $17.99
    -(1) $1/1 Abreva from insert
    -(1) $5/1 Abreva VV
    -$6 UPR from trans. #2
    Submit: $3 SCR for Abreva
    Total OOP: $7.70

Grand Total OOP: $33.41
Pending rebates: $6
Total: $27.41

So I am pretty happy with this!!! I got some great freebies and some other really really cheap stuff that I will use (eventually!) Into my medical/backstock/gift basket drawer went the Halls cough drops, the Zicam, and the Oscillococcinum, and makeup. I donated the Quaker Oats. I use Zicam, Abreva, and cough drops so those will definitely not go to waste. And considering the shelf cost of those, its great to have some backstock around that I got at a GOOD price, not just whatever it happened to be when I needed it.

I will probably keep my eyes on the drug stores. I don’t know that I want to have to go every week but if not, I have to be really careful about having leftover RR or UPR that will go to waste. We’ll just see what kind of deals come around.

Keep you posted!

Take Care

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