A quick aside

September 10, 2010

Just a quick bit…..

Season 2 of The Vampire Diaries premiered last night. I watched its grainy, slightly jerky version on casttv.com this morning because I was not capable of waiting another 24 hours for the good quality version to post onto cwtv.com. This is the downside of watching TV online. I am willing to accept it.

It was both just what I expected it to be, a complete surprise, and a touch disappointing. The poignancy of the scenes with Damon and Elena when he is figuring out it was Katherine that he kissed was so touching and heartbreaking. Katherine finally telling him flat out that it was always Stefan for her, and then him desperately reaching out to Elena searching for a reason to keep moving in a positive forward motion only to have her, Katherine’s doppelganger in so many ways for him, tell him that no matter what she feels for him, she will always love Stefan and be his, was the last straw. And Elena hit it on the head. He DID mean to kill Jeremy. Maybe not REALLY, but he did really think that he killed him. Because as he told Jeremy, it was easier to not feel. And if he made Elena hate him, he wouldn’t have to wonder anymore. He wouldn’t have to try. She was a good enough person that if he did such a horrible thing, ALL hope for him and them would be over. And then he could just stop caring. Because with no chance for a future, it would be ok to not care anymore. To not try. So even hating himself for it, he did it. Because he just couldn’t take the agony of the rejection. It was easier to shut himself off. But to do that, he had to first ruin it thoroughly.

I wonder what will happen next? The next episode preview is fairly predictable, considering that we know Caroline is now a vampire. What truly happens with Damon?

How did we end up here? Where Damon is the only thing we care about? What will he do? How will he react? Will he try to salvage some humanity? Will he start wreaking ungodly havoc? Will Elena campaign for his destruction or once again reluctantly see what he COULD be?


Beyond TVD, life is  long. The rescue is being given over this Sunday, I just sent my last medical updates to Jayme. That is a long chapter closing. I wish I could say I am sad to see it go, but it was time.

Work is crazy and not going to get better this month! I haven’t scheduled October in yet, maybe a couple shifts at Svs but haven’t had anything confirmed. The new biz is schedulede to start Oct. 1st so who knows how busy that will keep me and Ash. I am working hard-ish to get stuff settled by then. Well, at least I have a pretty good idea of what I need to get done. Check out our website at: www.petsathomenw.com.

Soon to be posted: My cheese-buying coupon extravaganza! Some setbacks, some unexpected bonuses, and ridiculous amount of free cheese. 😀

See ya more soon!

Take Care,