More shopping!

August 31, 2010

So after a LONG day yesterday moving, of which I will not even go into the details (the better to forget them), I woke up at 1pm and leisurely got up, took the dogs out, took a bath (yuck! getting a shower curtain was definitely on the ASAP list), and mulled over my two coupon sites and put together a shopping list for the day.

I did stop by the old apartment to clean….only to find the water shut off again. Hmm is it ANY wonder why I left? I cleaned as best as I could with spray cleaner and paper towels but I’ll have to stop by tomorrow to mop. You know, once the WATER is back ON. I will also be meeting the landlord there to give back my keys and get my security deposit back. Yay!

Anyhoo, then I was off on a shopping extravaganza. I stopped by Petsmart to get dog food, cat litter, and other sundry items. I have a lovely enclosed balcony and somebody in the household has decided to pee on the lovely obnoxious carpet like 12 times in the last 36 hours. So I got one of those peepad holders that has fake grass on top of it. My plan is to put that out on the balcony and leave the door open when I’m gone at work. I’m pretty sure the culprit is Tristan and he is being an ASS but not totally sure. I thought it was him and he was just freaking out about all the chaos of moving yesterday but things are much calmer today and they are getting regular walks and still….like 4 more spots today. So hoping I can catch the culprit and make sure they don’t have a urinary infection and/or fix the issue. Ahhh carpet is so great….NOTTTTTT!!!

Next I was off to Walmart. Had to pick up a shower curtain and dishwasher detergent and well, yeah bought a bunch of other stuff that I probably didn’t REALLY need. We won’t be discussing that price total.

Ok, time to get serious now with the saving. Here’s the Safeway haul:

I am very happy with this shopping as I stuff pretty well to my list. Even though the deals were pretty well laid out for me, I did improvise a little and took advantage of the ziplock and laughing cow cheese that I found on sale. Here’s the rundown:

Total regular price: $76.44
Total sales price before coupons: $50.74 
What I paid: $22.35
Coupon savings: 62% ($28.96)
Savings off Reg. price: 71%

This was done in 2 transactions to instantly use the catalina I would get in the first transaction. In the first a couple of unexpected coupons cropped up:

(1) Almond Breeze milk (3.29) + any 1 cereal, get $3 OYNO catalina.
I got one carton of the milk and 2 boxes of cereal (Lucky Charms & Cheerios)that were on sale (1.99ea) to take advantage of a 2/1 coupon I had.
-(2) 0.55/1 cereal ecoupons (I didn’t know I had one for the lucky charms- bonus!)
-(1) 0.55/1 milk ecoupon (again, didn’t realize I had it on there)
-(1) 1/2 printable cereal
-(1) 0.55/1 printable milk
For a total price for the 3 items of: $4.07 + $3 OYNO cata = $1.07!!
I added a couple of ziplock containers -(1) 1.50/2 coupon for a trans. total of $6.14 after applying a previous $3 cata.

For the 2nd transaction:
Next up was my next big deal, Buy 3 juice, Get 2 snacks free.
I did (4) Motts AJ ($2ea) + (2) V8 fusion ($2.99ea) and got 4 boxes of chewy granola bars for free.
-(2) 2/2 Motts from Safeway booklet found in store
-(1) 1/2 V8 printable
Basically, $8.98 for 6 juices and 4 boxes granola bars. (0.90ea!)

Also in this transaction was kinda a fly-by-the-seat-of-the-pants deal that I wasn’t sure how it would work out. Basically I had 3 different coupon of 3 different types: e, print, store but they all kind of overlapped so I wasn’t sure how or if they would all be applied. I figured I’d just give them to the cashier and see what happened. Here’s the result:
1 VandeCamp fishsticks (6.79) + 1 Birdseye steamfresh veggies (2.29)
-(1) 1.04/1 veggie store coupon (on sale for 1.25ea)
-(1) 2/1fishsticks+1veg ecoupon
-(1) B1 fish G1 veg printable value of ?$3? (pretty sure this line on the receipt was from this coupon though I’m not sure where the $3 amount came from since the reg. price of the veggies is $2.79)
For a total paid of $3.04 for fishsticks and veggies.

I also had a coupon for B1G1 Laughing Cow cheese. It was finally on sale at $3.49 (reg. $4.99) so I got 2. Interestinly, when the coupon came off, it came off for the regular price, so REALLY I got the pair of them for $1.99!!

The 2nd transaction rang in at $16.21, I also got a whole chicken for $0.90/lb (5.20) and used the previous $3 cata from the first transaction.

So as you can see, it was a pretty great trip. I added to the new donation pile a few items:
(1) HN Cheerios
(3) Motts apple juice
(3) Quaker granola bars
Reg. price of: $21.43, paid $3.06 🙂

Next up was Albertsons. Here is where I REALLY scored with a money maker and some quick revising of the intial plan.

Total regular price: $89.11
Total sales price before coupons: $43.47
What I paid: $7.30
Coupon savings: 83% ($36.17)
Savings off Reg. price: 92%
How did I do it? Let me tell you! What cracks me up the most about this is that when I went on gcg it said there wasn’t much at Albertson’s this week in the way of deals! HAH! Maybe not a huge number of super deals, but one good moneymaker for sure. 🙂

The moneymaker was a sneaky dressing deal with a catalina. Buy 5 Kraft dressing, get $5 OYNO. I did 2 transactions in order to get 2 catalinas and use the first. First transaction:
(6) Italian dressing (on sale $1.34ea)
-(3) 1/2 manu coupon from booklet in store
-(3) 0.55/1 peelies (the cashier kindly let me use 3, basically making it 6 manu coupons and 6 items, even though the 1/2 might technically exclude those. i don’t know even to know these kind of finer details. I guess it’s similar to being able to use a coupon on both items of a B1G1?)
PLUS all these coupons were doubled! I had forgotten that Albertsons has store doubles in their single sheet ad that comes out on Sundays. My cashier was AWESOME and not only reminded me of this, but grabbed a stack of them and used as many as she needed to double all of my coupons. (She doubled ALL of them, in both transactions)
Soooo,  while I went into the store thinking I would buy 6 dressing and pay $0.04(after cata), I found the peelies AND got doubles which means that this was an instant moneymaker of $2.16 and really $7.16 when you count the catalina!!!
Since I needed to stick something with this transaction, I added a hot dog deal, which unfortunately didn’t work out as I had expected since I didn’t get the catalina I thought I would. I’ll check with the cata company just in case it was an error.
 (5) Oscar Meyer hot dogs get $5 cata(nope) (1.88ea- which is already a $3.61ea savings!)
-(2) 1/2 printable, doubled
-(1) 1/1 printable, doubled
Total= $3.40 for 5 ($0.68ea)…..if I had gotten the $5 cata this would have actually been a moneymaker too, $1.60. Oh well, still a crazy good deal.
First transaction total: $3.34
All the dressings and 3 hot dogs will be donated.

2nd transaction:
I did another set of the 6 dressings, Ranch this time ;). Plus some margarine I needed and had found a blinkie coupon for at Safeway. I got 2 Healthy Choice frozen dinners as they look really good, I wanted to try them, they were on sale for $2ea, and I needed something to fill from the moneymakers! And finally, I got 7 apples on sale for $0.58/lb! Also donated 2lbs of apples for $1. Transaction total after previous trans. $5 cata = $3.96 + got another $5 cata

So for the 2 transactions together, I paid $7.30 and got $5 OYNO for a true total of: $2.30 for ALL THAT!!!

In the donation pile:
2lbs apples (donated thu Albertsons)
(12) dressings
(3) hot dogs
Reg price: $54.92, paid $0.66!

A long day, but very very good. I spent too much money at Petsmart and Walmart, though I am happy with the actual purchases. For Albertsons and Safeway, I rocked some really great deals and came away paying only $24.65 for an insane amount of food, much that was essentially free and will be donated, and the other items are all things that I will use, not even stockpiling items!

We’ll see what next week has in store. I am sorry that I can’t do more of the dressing deal as that one was awesome! But it’s the last day of the promo….sad…

Take Care,

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