Moving! Deadlines! Fun!

August 28, 2010

So a few highlights of life right now:

1. I am moving this weekend. After having the water shut off in my apartment a couple of weeks ago due to the landlord not paying the bill for god knows how long, I found a great new apartment within a day! It made me really nervous to stay somewhere when obviously the landlord was having some money issues because what if she gets foreclosed on? And I had to move out with short notice? It would be very hard with the 2 Huskies and 3 cats to find suitable housing on short notice. Although that turns out to be an ironic concern since I found the new place in….ONE….day. Sometimes things just work out reall easy, you know? 

The new apartment is definitely an upgrade in a lot of ways. While still staying in the same general area, it is in a much nicer, artsy part of town. And did I mention that it is practically on the beach? Only a few blocks from the ferry docks, marina, public beach, and off-leash dog park. And one door down from the city park. The building has a treeline and creek that runs alongside of it and my balcony (which is screened in, the cats are cheering!) overlooks the beautiful burbling creek. 😀 It is gonna be awesome! So peaceful. And so much better than sharing a yard with a meth-addict drug dealer. Nice as he is. The building is secured with a laundry room in the basement. The apartment itself is about 800sqft (vs. 650 now) and has LOTS of closet and cupboard space, a dishwasher, the aforementioned screened in balcony, and yes, a FULL bathroom with a tub again! All of this wonderful-ness for only $100 more a month. And it is fine to have the pets. Only downsides…no yard (though the dogs will actually probably get more attention since I’ll have to walk them), and there are carpets (but I might buy a Roomba vaccuuming robot!) I’m doing packing and probably one load of stuff and one load with cats and accessories Sat. night. Then Sunday I will take the dogs over and pick up the U-Haul in the morning, have friends over to load and then unload the U-haul, and proceed to settle in a bit and maybe have a thank-you BBQ in the new place. Monday I have off which is good because I can go to the old place and get whatever stuff remains (fridge/freezer contents likely) and clean the place. Then more settling in at the new apartment before working Tuesday night. It will be a busy weekend, but hopefully a good one!

2. Well, finally I sent in the LLC application for me and Ash’s new home pet nursing business. We got the certification back already so next week once moving is done I will send in the state business license application and we can make plans for appointments to order marketing materials, set up a bank account, start a website, and consult with an accountant. We have decided that October 1st will be the official start date and I think everything should be well in line for that. I think it is going to be huge and who knows if it will end up being just a little side gig or if it will end up taking us to great new heights as business owners. It may certainly open up a lot of options for both of us in future work/life. I do hope that we are not TOO busy this year, because:

3. I am working on getting my emergency/critical care certification application put together. I applied a couple of years ago but procrastinated too long and rushed through a lot of it and my application was denied. This year I want to do it right and so far I am on track but I can NOT slack off these next 3 months. I need to apply myself and get started writing my 4 case reports so that I have plenty of time to have several people review them, and revise and improve them. I do not want to be running around like crazy in late December trying to get everything finalized. I would rather have it essentially done by Thanksgiving and just refine it and ship off before Christmas. We’ll see.

4. Jayme and I are turning over the cat rescue, the date is (finally) set for Sept. 12th. Next week I need to gather up the last few bits of medical info that I have on the cats left in the rescue and forward it to her so that she can compile their full medical records and give them to the new group. We have a great group that is going to take over adoptions on the last 6 cats we have in foster homes. I am so pleased that we have only 6 cats left. I don’t feel too guilty as that is a pretty small number and 2 of those cats will likely get adopted fairly quickly. The other 4 are very settled in their foster homes and if they never get adopted those foster homes wouldn’t really mind. Jayme and I are both so relieved at this point to see the rescue off and we do feel like we are leaving it in a good way and on a pretty high note. The rescue was a great business and life experience and a wonderful thing in general but these last few years have seen so many changes in our personal situations that has made the rescue be so much more a burden than the uplifting thing that it started as. It is definitely time to let it go. I am certain that in a few years I will do foster work again, but I do not think I will ever be involved in the running of a rescue, it is not truly something I am cut out for in the long run. But though I was never paid by the rescue, many of the lessons of running it will apply in the new business I am starting!

5. I know, I teased with that whole Super Exciting Coupon Extravaganza! And now you’re thinking, geez she lost her drive for that already? No, no, don’t worry! I had done so many trips and bought so much stuff over a couple of weeks that A: I ran out of room. B: There weren’t any great deals anywhere this week. C: I was fully stocked with everything I needed/wanted. D: I knew I was moving soon and wanted to wait to buy more stuff til after I did!

There are some good deals at Rite Aid, Top Foods, and Albertsons this week though so I will be taking advantage of those, probably on Monday or Tuesday once the moving flurry is over. PLUS, I took 5 FULL paper bags of groceries to the Lynnwood Food Bank that totaled in at 59 pounds! There was a selection of fruit snacks, cereal, granola bars, pasta sauce, and potatoes. This is definitely something I look forward to continuing to contribute to.

Okay, that’s about it around here. Lots to think about, lots to do. I must make sure that I don’t just sit around on my days off but hop to it with getting the business up and running and my VECCS application finished. I’ll let you know how that goes!

Oh! And The Vampire Diaries starts up again on Sept. 9th! WATCH THIS IT IS AMAZING!!

Take Care,

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