Safeway 8/17/10 A surprise finding

August 17, 2010

Yeah it’s me again. As well as trying to keep up on the couponing interest, I am trying to make sure I post my deals so that I have record of them and can continue to enjoy them even when I would have forgotten the details. I am not sure exactly how I will continue with my couponing approach. So far, I have been taking advantage of the best deals that I can find and not worrying too much about if it is something that I can use personally or that I do use but that I won’t use that much of. I have just been putting those items in my “to be donated” pile. Which is a great thing, and which I want to continue doing, but I want to make sure I don’t start actually spending MORE money just to get these deals even though they may percentage savings-wise be incredible deals. So I am still kinda playing it by ear on this front. I may at some point set myself a weekly/monthly budget for what I will spend on items that end up donated. For not I am just making sure that if a deal includes a bunch of stuff that I will be donating, that it is a deal that requires extremely little out of pocket costs.

So here’s my 2nd Safeway trip of the week. I really only made this trip because I needed WW bread and when I was at the store on Saturday I snuck a peek at the little Sunday Safeway ad that was in the advance copy Sunday paper and there was a coupon for their fancier WW bread for $0.99 which was even cheaper than their plain butter top wheat they had at $1.25. So I decided to make a 2nd trip and get the bread later. I WAS just going to get a couple loaves of bread, but then I saw the fine print that in order to use the coupon to get it for $0.99, I needed a minimum purchase of $10. So I needed to do a little strategic buying to make that. Of course, that’s $10 BEFORE the coupons. I am not sure if it would be before club card savings though so I didn’t count on that, just went off of the advertised club card prices. so here’s the score:

I had enough coupons to do another couple of the $4/4 deal, although I didn’t have as great of coupons so I only did 8 items instead of 12 this time.
(1) Fiber One, (2) NV granola for $1.49 each
-(1) 0.50/1 Fiber One printable
-(2) 0.50/1 NV printable
Total: $2.97 (except for some reason one of the NV didn’t ring up but it still rang up the coupon so really it was only $1.48 for 3. I didn’t feel compelled to go back into the store and deal with this after I discovered it because I didn’t get my 1.50 catalina from buying the 3 products so it evens out. )
-One box Kix for $1.99
-(1) 0.50/1 in-ad coupon
-(1) .75/1 ecoupon
-(1) .75/1 printable
Total of: FREE!

For the next 4 I did:
(5) Fruit roll-ups for $0.99 each
-(2) .50/2
For a total of $3.95 ($0.79 each)
+ a $3 OYNO catalina for buying 5

I bought my 2 loaves of bread for $1.98 and 2 more cucumbers for .50/2 ($1).

And my surprise finding was 1/2 gallons of FF milk for 50% off! Basically making it a BOGO. I picked up 2, froze one and will use one for soup this week as they expire soon. I had 2 catalinas from my last trip, so I used those, taking off $6.50

After buying all of this, my totals were:
Total regular price: $33.66
Total sales price before coupons: $18.68
What I paid: $4.06
Coupon savings: 78%
Savings off Reg. price: 88%

And added to the donation pile was:
(5) Fruit rollups
(1) Fiber One bars
(2) granola bars
(1) Kix

Regular price of $24.52 for $6.95 (less $6.5 in catalinas) = $0.45
I feel good about the donation and deals in this transaction. The aim of this trip was to get the $0.99 bread. Plus the cucumbers which is a really good sale and I will use. And the milk was a great find and will also be utilized. So even just using the sale prices of those things: $4.79 I saved $0.73 and had all that stuff to donate. I know, I know, if I don’t ignore my previous catalinas, I really paid $11.29 but got $4.5 in cats back, breaking it down into a “real” total paid of $6.79 which is still awesome! Basically comes out to paying $2 for all the donated stuff. Which I am totally ok with!

And best thing of all, even though I knew about the deals with the rollups/bars from my previous shopping trip, I put this whole thing together myself– including the Free Kix! I think I am really starting to get the hang of all this. I only spent maybe an hour or so dealing with this trip (if I don’t count the blogging about it part!) and the only thing I bought that was not on my list was the milk. But obviously that was a great purchase!

🙂 Can’t wait to see the new weekly ads coming to my mailbox today.
Take Care,

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