Albertson’s 8/15/10 vigilance is important!

August 17, 2010

Well I am totally revved up on this couponing thing. It will probably mellow out in a few weeks, especially since I will be moving in 10 days! WHOO HOO! I found an awesome apartment that has a screened in balcony (the kitties are cheering!) that actually overlooks a creek. And is one door down from a park. And about 8 blocks from the beach, which has an off-leash dog park. It’s about 150sq ft bigger than my current apartment (which is technically a studio), has plenty of closet space, a dishwasher, and laundry in the building. And its only $100 more per month! And a nicer neighborhood! And DID I MENTION THE BEACH IS IN WALKING DISTANCE!?!?!

I am excited as you can tell. I technically move in Sept. 1st but am signing the lease and getting my keys August 27th. I don’t have to be out of my current place til Sept. 5th so that gives me 2 whole weekends and a week to move and clean. Which is great! Moving should be pretty easy since I just got here 6 months ago and stuff is pretty well condensed and the place isn’t too dirty.

So yeah. I am enjoying the couponing. It may fade soon what with the moving and the starting a new business and whatnot, but I hope I keep it up and just get it a little more fine-tuned and streamlined.  But riding on the high for now, here’s the results of a stop-in at Albertson’s (if you’re counting, that is store number 4 for this week. But it is 6 blocks from my house, so not really out of the way):

I did two transactions in order to take full advantage of a buy 10, save $5, get 50 bonus box tops deal.

First transaction

Total regular price: $46.30
Total sales price before coupons: 31.69
What I paid: $16.20
Coupon savings: 49% ($16.29)
Savings off Reg. price: 65%

My 1st 10 items were a mix:
2 tuna helper + 1 hamburger helper for  sale price $1.25 each
-(3) .50/1 for the 5/10
-(1) 1/3 peelie found in store (I had a .75/3 printable, but peelie was a better deal!)
Total paid for 3: $1.25 ($0.42 each)
(1) Trix, (1) Cheerios, (1) Lucky Charms, sale price $2 each
-(3) .50/1 for the 5/10
-(1) 1.50/3 from a catalina I got last week in a cereal buying deal
-(1) 1.00 off from a in-store double up to $1 coupon
Total paid for 3: $2 ($0.67 each) The Trix will be donated.
(4) cans Green Giant veggies for $0.39 each (total: $1.56)
So for 10 items I paid: $4.81
I also got a BOGO hot dogs, saving $2.29
And lettuce had an in-ad coupon for 1/2 off, I got one for $0.49/head

There was an in-ad coupon for $1/$10 of produce. I thought I had it set:
(1) lettuce for $0.49
(1) 4# strawberries for $7.99
and enough pears ($0.99/lb) to make up the difference (about 1.5lbs)
Guess what? My pears came out to $1.49, making me $0.03 short of gthe $10 mark. I didn’t realize this until after I was home. Grr. I would have thrown a quarter into the bag to push the weight a titch higher and saved another dollar. Annoying! A good lesson though for me to know in these types of deals where the variable item is and make sure that I watch to make sure it is enough!  All in all a good deal though. I also used a $5/OYNO catalina that I had received the week before.

On to the next transaction, which I am really proud of as I compiled it by myself! When I was at Safeway a couple days ago, I had bought a couple of Betty Crocker boxes of potatoes as they were on sale and I had an e-coupon. Well, I noted that some of the boxes had peelie coupons on them: $1/2! The expiration dates weren’t until 4/11 so I took about 6 of the peelies (they were on almost every other box so I wasn’t worried about being selfish or greedy). I am very excited that BC makes a mashed sweet potato now. This transaction was strictly to meet the $5/10 + 50 boxtops deal:

(6) BC boxed potatoes for $1 each
-(6) .50/1 from 5/10
-(3) 1/2 from peelies
Total paid: FREE! (I had enough peelies to do all 10 and pay nothing, but I didn’t want to have that many potatoes around. Plus I had some store double coupons that I didn’t want to go to waste as I can’t redeem them if I have already got the item for free. So I added:
(2) Lucky Charms, (2) Cheerios for $2 each
-(4) .50/1 from 5/10
-(2) 1/2 printables
-(2) $1 off from in-ad store double coupons
For a grand total of $2 paid for 10 items!! These 4 boxes of cereal will all be donated.

I also got a sorta catalina in the form of take a phone survey, get $2/OYNO on my receipt. And I have the redemption codes for 100 bonus box tops! There were more peelies on the potatoes, this time .50/2 so not quite as great. And I picked up a couple of .50/2 El Paso product, get one seasoning free peelies.

Besides stocking up further on BC potatoes and helper meals, I am adding to the donation pile:
(2) Cheerios
(2) Lucky Charms
(1) Trix

A total regular price of: $20.85 gotten for $2.67! (87% savings!)

It was really fun to get those potatoes for free! I felt like a very successful couponer. 🙂

Take Care

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