More shopping!

August 31, 2010

So after a LONG day yesterday moving, of which I will not even go into the details (the better to forget them), I woke up at 1pm and leisurely got up, took the dogs out, took a bath (yuck! getting a shower curtain was definitely on the ASAP list), and mulled over my two coupon sites and put together a shopping list for the day.

I did stop by the old apartment to clean….only to find the water shut off again. Hmm is it ANY wonder why I left? I cleaned as best as I could with spray cleaner and paper towels but I’ll have to stop by tomorrow to mop. You know, once the WATER is back ON. I will also be meeting the landlord there to give back my keys and get my security deposit back. Yay!

Anyhoo, then I was off on a shopping extravaganza. I stopped by Petsmart to get dog food, cat litter, and other sundry items. I have a lovely enclosed balcony and somebody in the household has decided to pee on the lovely obnoxious carpet like 12 times in the last 36 hours. So I got one of those peepad holders that has fake grass on top of it. My plan is to put that out on the balcony and leave the door open when I’m gone at work. I’m pretty sure the culprit is Tristan and he is being an ASS but not totally sure. I thought it was him and he was just freaking out about all the chaos of moving yesterday but things are much calmer today and they are getting regular walks and still….like 4 more spots today. So hoping I can catch the culprit and make sure they don’t have a urinary infection and/or fix the issue. Ahhh carpet is so great….NOTTTTTT!!!

Next I was off to Walmart. Had to pick up a shower curtain and dishwasher detergent and well, yeah bought a bunch of other stuff that I probably didn’t REALLY need. We won’t be discussing that price total.

Ok, time to get serious now with the saving. Here’s the Safeway haul:

I am very happy with this shopping as I stuff pretty well to my list. Even though the deals were pretty well laid out for me, I did improvise a little and took advantage of the ziplock and laughing cow cheese that I found on sale. Here’s the rundown:

Total regular price: $76.44
Total sales price before coupons: $50.74 
What I paid: $22.35
Coupon savings: 62% ($28.96)
Savings off Reg. price: 71%

This was done in 2 transactions to instantly use the catalina I would get in the first transaction. In the first a couple of unexpected coupons cropped up:

(1) Almond Breeze milk (3.29) + any 1 cereal, get $3 OYNO catalina.
I got one carton of the milk and 2 boxes of cereal (Lucky Charms & Cheerios)that were on sale (1.99ea) to take advantage of a 2/1 coupon I had.
-(2) 0.55/1 cereal ecoupons (I didn’t know I had one for the lucky charms- bonus!)
-(1) 0.55/1 milk ecoupon (again, didn’t realize I had it on there)
-(1) 1/2 printable cereal
-(1) 0.55/1 printable milk
For a total price for the 3 items of: $4.07 + $3 OYNO cata = $1.07!!
I added a couple of ziplock containers -(1) 1.50/2 coupon for a trans. total of $6.14 after applying a previous $3 cata.

For the 2nd transaction:
Next up was my next big deal, Buy 3 juice, Get 2 snacks free.
I did (4) Motts AJ ($2ea) + (2) V8 fusion ($2.99ea) and got 4 boxes of chewy granola bars for free.
-(2) 2/2 Motts from Safeway booklet found in store
-(1) 1/2 V8 printable
Basically, $8.98 for 6 juices and 4 boxes granola bars. (0.90ea!)

Also in this transaction was kinda a fly-by-the-seat-of-the-pants deal that I wasn’t sure how it would work out. Basically I had 3 different coupon of 3 different types: e, print, store but they all kind of overlapped so I wasn’t sure how or if they would all be applied. I figured I’d just give them to the cashier and see what happened. Here’s the result:
1 VandeCamp fishsticks (6.79) + 1 Birdseye steamfresh veggies (2.29)
-(1) 1.04/1 veggie store coupon (on sale for 1.25ea)
-(1) 2/1fishsticks+1veg ecoupon
-(1) B1 fish G1 veg printable value of ?$3? (pretty sure this line on the receipt was from this coupon though I’m not sure where the $3 amount came from since the reg. price of the veggies is $2.79)
For a total paid of $3.04 for fishsticks and veggies.

I also had a coupon for B1G1 Laughing Cow cheese. It was finally on sale at $3.49 (reg. $4.99) so I got 2. Interestinly, when the coupon came off, it came off for the regular price, so REALLY I got the pair of them for $1.99!!

The 2nd transaction rang in at $16.21, I also got a whole chicken for $0.90/lb (5.20) and used the previous $3 cata from the first transaction.

So as you can see, it was a pretty great trip. I added to the new donation pile a few items:
(1) HN Cheerios
(3) Motts apple juice
(3) Quaker granola bars
Reg. price of: $21.43, paid $3.06 🙂

Next up was Albertsons. Here is where I REALLY scored with a money maker and some quick revising of the intial plan.

Total regular price: $89.11
Total sales price before coupons: $43.47
What I paid: $7.30
Coupon savings: 83% ($36.17)
Savings off Reg. price: 92%
How did I do it? Let me tell you! What cracks me up the most about this is that when I went on gcg it said there wasn’t much at Albertson’s this week in the way of deals! HAH! Maybe not a huge number of super deals, but one good moneymaker for sure. 🙂

The moneymaker was a sneaky dressing deal with a catalina. Buy 5 Kraft dressing, get $5 OYNO. I did 2 transactions in order to get 2 catalinas and use the first. First transaction:
(6) Italian dressing (on sale $1.34ea)
-(3) 1/2 manu coupon from booklet in store
-(3) 0.55/1 peelies (the cashier kindly let me use 3, basically making it 6 manu coupons and 6 items, even though the 1/2 might technically exclude those. i don’t know even to know these kind of finer details. I guess it’s similar to being able to use a coupon on both items of a B1G1?)
PLUS all these coupons were doubled! I had forgotten that Albertsons has store doubles in their single sheet ad that comes out on Sundays. My cashier was AWESOME and not only reminded me of this, but grabbed a stack of them and used as many as she needed to double all of my coupons. (She doubled ALL of them, in both transactions)
Soooo,  while I went into the store thinking I would buy 6 dressing and pay $0.04(after cata), I found the peelies AND got doubles which means that this was an instant moneymaker of $2.16 and really $7.16 when you count the catalina!!!
Since I needed to stick something with this transaction, I added a hot dog deal, which unfortunately didn’t work out as I had expected since I didn’t get the catalina I thought I would. I’ll check with the cata company just in case it was an error.
 (5) Oscar Meyer hot dogs get $5 cata(nope) (1.88ea- which is already a $3.61ea savings!)
-(2) 1/2 printable, doubled
-(1) 1/1 printable, doubled
Total= $3.40 for 5 ($0.68ea)…..if I had gotten the $5 cata this would have actually been a moneymaker too, $1.60. Oh well, still a crazy good deal.
First transaction total: $3.34
All the dressings and 3 hot dogs will be donated.

2nd transaction:
I did another set of the 6 dressings, Ranch this time ;). Plus some margarine I needed and had found a blinkie coupon for at Safeway. I got 2 Healthy Choice frozen dinners as they look really good, I wanted to try them, they were on sale for $2ea, and I needed something to fill from the moneymakers! And finally, I got 7 apples on sale for $0.58/lb! Also donated 2lbs of apples for $1. Transaction total after previous trans. $5 cata = $3.96 + got another $5 cata

So for the 2 transactions together, I paid $7.30 and got $5 OYNO for a true total of: $2.30 for ALL THAT!!!

In the donation pile:
2lbs apples (donated thu Albertsons)
(12) dressings
(3) hot dogs
Reg price: $54.92, paid $0.66!

A long day, but very very good. I spent too much money at Petsmart and Walmart, though I am happy with the actual purchases. For Albertsons and Safeway, I rocked some really great deals and came away paying only $24.65 for an insane amount of food, much that was essentially free and will be donated, and the other items are all things that I will use, not even stockpiling items!

We’ll see what next week has in store. I am sorry that I can’t do more of the dressing deal as that one was awesome! But it’s the last day of the promo….sad…

Take Care,


Moving! Deadlines! Fun!

August 28, 2010

So a few highlights of life right now:

1. I am moving this weekend. After having the water shut off in my apartment a couple of weeks ago due to the landlord not paying the bill for god knows how long, I found a great new apartment within a day! It made me really nervous to stay somewhere when obviously the landlord was having some money issues because what if she gets foreclosed on? And I had to move out with short notice? It would be very hard with the 2 Huskies and 3 cats to find suitable housing on short notice. Although that turns out to be an ironic concern since I found the new place in….ONE….day. Sometimes things just work out reall easy, you know? 

The new apartment is definitely an upgrade in a lot of ways. While still staying in the same general area, it is in a much nicer, artsy part of town. And did I mention that it is practically on the beach? Only a few blocks from the ferry docks, marina, public beach, and off-leash dog park. And one door down from the city park. The building has a treeline and creek that runs alongside of it and my balcony (which is screened in, the cats are cheering!) overlooks the beautiful burbling creek. 😀 It is gonna be awesome! So peaceful. And so much better than sharing a yard with a meth-addict drug dealer. Nice as he is. The building is secured with a laundry room in the basement. The apartment itself is about 800sqft (vs. 650 now) and has LOTS of closet and cupboard space, a dishwasher, the aforementioned screened in balcony, and yes, a FULL bathroom with a tub again! All of this wonderful-ness for only $100 more a month. And it is fine to have the pets. Only downsides…no yard (though the dogs will actually probably get more attention since I’ll have to walk them), and there are carpets (but I might buy a Roomba vaccuuming robot!) I’m doing packing and probably one load of stuff and one load with cats and accessories Sat. night. Then Sunday I will take the dogs over and pick up the U-Haul in the morning, have friends over to load and then unload the U-haul, and proceed to settle in a bit and maybe have a thank-you BBQ in the new place. Monday I have off which is good because I can go to the old place and get whatever stuff remains (fridge/freezer contents likely) and clean the place. Then more settling in at the new apartment before working Tuesday night. It will be a busy weekend, but hopefully a good one!

2. Well, finally I sent in the LLC application for me and Ash’s new home pet nursing business. We got the certification back already so next week once moving is done I will send in the state business license application and we can make plans for appointments to order marketing materials, set up a bank account, start a website, and consult with an accountant. We have decided that October 1st will be the official start date and I think everything should be well in line for that. I think it is going to be huge and who knows if it will end up being just a little side gig or if it will end up taking us to great new heights as business owners. It may certainly open up a lot of options for both of us in future work/life. I do hope that we are not TOO busy this year, because:

3. I am working on getting my emergency/critical care certification application put together. I applied a couple of years ago but procrastinated too long and rushed through a lot of it and my application was denied. This year I want to do it right and so far I am on track but I can NOT slack off these next 3 months. I need to apply myself and get started writing my 4 case reports so that I have plenty of time to have several people review them, and revise and improve them. I do not want to be running around like crazy in late December trying to get everything finalized. I would rather have it essentially done by Thanksgiving and just refine it and ship off before Christmas. We’ll see.

4. Jayme and I are turning over the cat rescue, the date is (finally) set for Sept. 12th. Next week I need to gather up the last few bits of medical info that I have on the cats left in the rescue and forward it to her so that she can compile their full medical records and give them to the new group. We have a great group that is going to take over adoptions on the last 6 cats we have in foster homes. I am so pleased that we have only 6 cats left. I don’t feel too guilty as that is a pretty small number and 2 of those cats will likely get adopted fairly quickly. The other 4 are very settled in their foster homes and if they never get adopted those foster homes wouldn’t really mind. Jayme and I are both so relieved at this point to see the rescue off and we do feel like we are leaving it in a good way and on a pretty high note. The rescue was a great business and life experience and a wonderful thing in general but these last few years have seen so many changes in our personal situations that has made the rescue be so much more a burden than the uplifting thing that it started as. It is definitely time to let it go. I am certain that in a few years I will do foster work again, but I do not think I will ever be involved in the running of a rescue, it is not truly something I am cut out for in the long run. But though I was never paid by the rescue, many of the lessons of running it will apply in the new business I am starting!

5. I know, I teased with that whole Super Exciting Coupon Extravaganza! And now you’re thinking, geez she lost her drive for that already? No, no, don’t worry! I had done so many trips and bought so much stuff over a couple of weeks that A: I ran out of room. B: There weren’t any great deals anywhere this week. C: I was fully stocked with everything I needed/wanted. D: I knew I was moving soon and wanted to wait to buy more stuff til after I did!

There are some good deals at Rite Aid, Top Foods, and Albertsons this week though so I will be taking advantage of those, probably on Monday or Tuesday once the moving flurry is over. PLUS, I took 5 FULL paper bags of groceries to the Lynnwood Food Bank that totaled in at 59 pounds! There was a selection of fruit snacks, cereal, granola bars, pasta sauce, and potatoes. This is definitely something I look forward to continuing to contribute to.

Okay, that’s about it around here. Lots to think about, lots to do. I must make sure that I don’t just sit around on my days off but hop to it with getting the business up and running and my VECCS application finished. I’ll let you know how that goes!

Oh! And The Vampire Diaries starts up again on Sept. 9th! WATCH THIS IT IS AMAZING!!

Take Care,

Yeah it’s me again. As well as trying to keep up on the couponing interest, I am trying to make sure I post my deals so that I have record of them and can continue to enjoy them even when I would have forgotten the details. I am not sure exactly how I will continue with my couponing approach. So far, I have been taking advantage of the best deals that I can find and not worrying too much about if it is something that I can use personally or that I do use but that I won’t use that much of. I have just been putting those items in my “to be donated” pile. Which is a great thing, and which I want to continue doing, but I want to make sure I don’t start actually spending MORE money just to get these deals even though they may percentage savings-wise be incredible deals. So I am still kinda playing it by ear on this front. I may at some point set myself a weekly/monthly budget for what I will spend on items that end up donated. For not I am just making sure that if a deal includes a bunch of stuff that I will be donating, that it is a deal that requires extremely little out of pocket costs.

So here’s my 2nd Safeway trip of the week. I really only made this trip because I needed WW bread and when I was at the store on Saturday I snuck a peek at the little Sunday Safeway ad that was in the advance copy Sunday paper and there was a coupon for their fancier WW bread for $0.99 which was even cheaper than their plain butter top wheat they had at $1.25. So I decided to make a 2nd trip and get the bread later. I WAS just going to get a couple loaves of bread, but then I saw the fine print that in order to use the coupon to get it for $0.99, I needed a minimum purchase of $10. So I needed to do a little strategic buying to make that. Of course, that’s $10 BEFORE the coupons. I am not sure if it would be before club card savings though so I didn’t count on that, just went off of the advertised club card prices. so here’s the score:

I had enough coupons to do another couple of the $4/4 deal, although I didn’t have as great of coupons so I only did 8 items instead of 12 this time.
(1) Fiber One, (2) NV granola for $1.49 each
-(1) 0.50/1 Fiber One printable
-(2) 0.50/1 NV printable
Total: $2.97 (except for some reason one of the NV didn’t ring up but it still rang up the coupon so really it was only $1.48 for 3. I didn’t feel compelled to go back into the store and deal with this after I discovered it because I didn’t get my 1.50 catalina from buying the 3 products so it evens out. )
-One box Kix for $1.99
-(1) 0.50/1 in-ad coupon
-(1) .75/1 ecoupon
-(1) .75/1 printable
Total of: FREE!

For the next 4 I did:
(5) Fruit roll-ups for $0.99 each
-(2) .50/2
For a total of $3.95 ($0.79 each)
+ a $3 OYNO catalina for buying 5

I bought my 2 loaves of bread for $1.98 and 2 more cucumbers for .50/2 ($1).

And my surprise finding was 1/2 gallons of FF milk for 50% off! Basically making it a BOGO. I picked up 2, froze one and will use one for soup this week as they expire soon. I had 2 catalinas from my last trip, so I used those, taking off $6.50

After buying all of this, my totals were:
Total regular price: $33.66
Total sales price before coupons: $18.68
What I paid: $4.06
Coupon savings: 78%
Savings off Reg. price: 88%

And added to the donation pile was:
(5) Fruit rollups
(1) Fiber One bars
(2) granola bars
(1) Kix

Regular price of $24.52 for $6.95 (less $6.5 in catalinas) = $0.45
I feel good about the donation and deals in this transaction. The aim of this trip was to get the $0.99 bread. Plus the cucumbers which is a really good sale and I will use. And the milk was a great find and will also be utilized. So even just using the sale prices of those things: $4.79 I saved $0.73 and had all that stuff to donate. I know, I know, if I don’t ignore my previous catalinas, I really paid $11.29 but got $4.5 in cats back, breaking it down into a “real” total paid of $6.79 which is still awesome! Basically comes out to paying $2 for all the donated stuff. Which I am totally ok with!

And best thing of all, even though I knew about the deals with the rollups/bars from my previous shopping trip, I put this whole thing together myself– including the Free Kix! I think I am really starting to get the hang of all this. I only spent maybe an hour or so dealing with this trip (if I don’t count the blogging about it part!) and the only thing I bought that was not on my list was the milk. But obviously that was a great purchase!

🙂 Can’t wait to see the new weekly ads coming to my mailbox today.
Take Care,

Well I am totally revved up on this couponing thing. It will probably mellow out in a few weeks, especially since I will be moving in 10 days! WHOO HOO! I found an awesome apartment that has a screened in balcony (the kitties are cheering!) that actually overlooks a creek. And is one door down from a park. And about 8 blocks from the beach, which has an off-leash dog park. It’s about 150sq ft bigger than my current apartment (which is technically a studio), has plenty of closet space, a dishwasher, and laundry in the building. And its only $100 more per month! And a nicer neighborhood! And DID I MENTION THE BEACH IS IN WALKING DISTANCE!?!?!

I am excited as you can tell. I technically move in Sept. 1st but am signing the lease and getting my keys August 27th. I don’t have to be out of my current place til Sept. 5th so that gives me 2 whole weekends and a week to move and clean. Which is great! Moving should be pretty easy since I just got here 6 months ago and stuff is pretty well condensed and the place isn’t too dirty.

So yeah. I am enjoying the couponing. It may fade soon what with the moving and the starting a new business and whatnot, but I hope I keep it up and just get it a little more fine-tuned and streamlined.  But riding on the high for now, here’s the results of a stop-in at Albertson’s (if you’re counting, that is store number 4 for this week. But it is 6 blocks from my house, so not really out of the way):

I did two transactions in order to take full advantage of a buy 10, save $5, get 50 bonus box tops deal.

First transaction

Total regular price: $46.30
Total sales price before coupons: 31.69
What I paid: $16.20
Coupon savings: 49% ($16.29)
Savings off Reg. price: 65%

My 1st 10 items were a mix:
2 tuna helper + 1 hamburger helper for  sale price $1.25 each
-(3) .50/1 for the 5/10
-(1) 1/3 peelie found in store (I had a .75/3 printable, but peelie was a better deal!)
Total paid for 3: $1.25 ($0.42 each)
(1) Trix, (1) Cheerios, (1) Lucky Charms, sale price $2 each
-(3) .50/1 for the 5/10
-(1) 1.50/3 from a catalina I got last week in a cereal buying deal
-(1) 1.00 off from a in-store double up to $1 coupon
Total paid for 3: $2 ($0.67 each) The Trix will be donated.
(4) cans Green Giant veggies for $0.39 each (total: $1.56)
So for 10 items I paid: $4.81
I also got a BOGO hot dogs, saving $2.29
And lettuce had an in-ad coupon for 1/2 off, I got one for $0.49/head

There was an in-ad coupon for $1/$10 of produce. I thought I had it set:
(1) lettuce for $0.49
(1) 4# strawberries for $7.99
and enough pears ($0.99/lb) to make up the difference (about 1.5lbs)
Guess what? My pears came out to $1.49, making me $0.03 short of gthe $10 mark. I didn’t realize this until after I was home. Grr. I would have thrown a quarter into the bag to push the weight a titch higher and saved another dollar. Annoying! A good lesson though for me to know in these types of deals where the variable item is and make sure that I watch to make sure it is enough!  All in all a good deal though. I also used a $5/OYNO catalina that I had received the week before.

On to the next transaction, which I am really proud of as I compiled it by myself! When I was at Safeway a couple days ago, I had bought a couple of Betty Crocker boxes of potatoes as they were on sale and I had an e-coupon. Well, I noted that some of the boxes had peelie coupons on them: $1/2! The expiration dates weren’t until 4/11 so I took about 6 of the peelies (they were on almost every other box so I wasn’t worried about being selfish or greedy). I am very excited that BC makes a mashed sweet potato now. This transaction was strictly to meet the $5/10 + 50 boxtops deal:

(6) BC boxed potatoes for $1 each
-(6) .50/1 from 5/10
-(3) 1/2 from peelies
Total paid: FREE! (I had enough peelies to do all 10 and pay nothing, but I didn’t want to have that many potatoes around. Plus I had some store double coupons that I didn’t want to go to waste as I can’t redeem them if I have already got the item for free. So I added:
(2) Lucky Charms, (2) Cheerios for $2 each
-(4) .50/1 from 5/10
-(2) 1/2 printables
-(2) $1 off from in-ad store double coupons
For a grand total of $2 paid for 10 items!! These 4 boxes of cereal will all be donated.

I also got a sorta catalina in the form of take a phone survey, get $2/OYNO on my receipt. And I have the redemption codes for 100 bonus box tops! There were more peelies on the potatoes, this time .50/2 so not quite as great. And I picked up a couple of .50/2 El Paso product, get one seasoning free peelies.

Besides stocking up further on BC potatoes and helper meals, I am adding to the donation pile:
(2) Cheerios
(2) Lucky Charms
(1) Trix

A total regular price of: $20.85 gotten for $2.67! (87% savings!)

It was really fun to get those potatoes for free! I felt like a very successful couponer. 🙂

Take Care

Coupon craziness!

August 15, 2010

Well I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by my newest obsession. After all, I have always LOVED grocery shopping. I enjoy catching a good sale and since I stock up on my favorite foods, I am always able to get good prices and almost never buy anything at full price. Lately I have been trying to watch the sales flyers and plan to go to more than one store and choose which ones depending on my shopping list and the sales. I thought I was doing good! And opposed to some, I guess I probably was.

But then. I discovered. SUPER COUPONING!!!

It’s funny really that I haven’t gotten into this before. It so suits me….my love of the grocery store, my innate desire for a deal, my deep satisfaction of penny-pinching.

I wandered into it almost by accidently. I was aimlessly browsing on MSN Money when I came across an article titled something like “Eating Well on $1 a Day”. And I wandered over to Reading Jeffrey’s daily posts about his adventures in super couponing (amazing!) and meal management (good for his obvious lack of ability in this area) I was inspired to make a little more effort to use coupons and save more money.

Between and (another couponing/savings site) I was able to easily access all of the coupons, special offers, and great sales at my local stores (Safeway, Albertsons, Top Foods, RiteAid mostly). Even better, both sites explain and show you how to combine various types of coupons (stacking) in order to get the best deal. Each week they have bloggers who go through their store’s sales flyer and the varying sources for printable coupons, e-coupons, and newspaper inserts to find the most money-saving (or making!) deals out there and then lay it out exactly how to do it so that you don’t have to start from scratch.

Not that it is a quick and easy thing even with that. E-coupons are loaded directly onto your club card and there are 2 websites to get them from. Printable coupons are “clipped” and printed from about 4+ different websites. Each coupon can usually be “clipped” 2 times but you have to go onto the website and clip them separately, there is no option “clip twice”. Gathering the Sunday inserts and paging through them to find the manufacturer coupons takes time — keep them organized as these coupons are often good for 2+ months and future sales flyers combo deals will reference past inserts (not just the current week) so if you let everything get all messed up you will have to page through EVERY insert you have….in my case I screwed this up and now I have about 7 sets of inserts from varying weeks, some repeats that i get to page through everytime a deal says “xdate xxinsert”. And of course, just keeping track of the coupons is a huge deal once you have printed and cut out everything! I got a coupon organizer (surprise on clearance at Safeway for 1/2 off = $2!) And then once you GET to the store with your shopping list and separated coupons and other coupons (just in case there are any deals you didn’t realize) you have to look carefully to find peelie coupons on the products themselves, blinkie and pad coupons near their products, and special clearance items.

But when you come home with a car full of groceries that you have bought for insanely low prices it is so worth it. At least it is if you are me and you know that the several hours you just spent clipping coupons, organizing the shopping plan, and doing the shopping were far more enjoyable than what I would have been doing — sitting in the recliner watching TV.

So loooong story short, here is a quick summary of my best deals of the day and a picture of what I bought:

Total regular price: $178.22
Total sales price before coupons: 120.52
What I paid: $71.31
Coupon savings: 41%
Savings off Reg. price: 60%

Great deals at Safeway:
A $4 off 4  sale combined with a large variety of printable and e-coupons made this insane deal possible:
5 Fruit Rollups snacks
1 Nature’s Valley nut clusters
3 Fiber One bars
3 Nature’s Valley granola bars
Total sale price before coupons: $15.38   What I paid: $0.13 TOTAL for all 12 items!! (Most of this is going my friend or a food bank)

1 22oz Mayo and 1 22oz Miracle Whip, normal sales price: $7.38 for 2
Coupons: (2) $1/1 from grilling booklet found in store!
                 (2) $1.70/1 from ad in sales flyer
                 (1) $1.50/2 from some insert
Total that I paid: $0.48 for 2 ($0.24 each!!)  One will be donated.

Pillsbury has a huge coupon promotion going on…..
PB Cinnamon rolls & Crescent rolls (reg: $2.49) sale price: $1.99
I bought 2 of each (4 total) w/ a mix of coupons:
(1) Sales flyer store coupon .50/1, limit 4
(1) .40/2 crescent rolls
(1) .50/2 cinnamon rolls
For a total of $5.06 for 4 ($1.27 each (1/2 off!))

There were lots of other nice deals that I did at Safeway. Basically almost everything that I bought had at least one coupon, usually 2 coupons on top of the sales prices. But the three deals above had the most significant savings ratios.

Top Foods:
Total regular price: $41.67
Total sales price before coupons: $26.68
What I paid: $14.48
Coupon savings: 46%
Savings off Reg. price: 65%

Great deals at Top Foods:
Kiwi were on sale 4/$1 so I bought 8. Kiwis keep for a long time so that is nice!

Yoplait yogurt was on sale 10/$6, but w/ coupons:
(1) Sales flyer $2/10
(1) .40/6 printable
(1) .55/8 blinkie coupon! I took 3 more as these are good through September.
Total paid: $3.05/10 ($0.31 each —  over 2/3 off!)

And select Kellog’s cereal had a $5 off when you buy $15 promo. All the selected cereals were also on sale for $1.99 already (reg price $2.79-$3.59). Which meant that you needed to buy 8 to make $15 ($15.92 to be exact) which brought the total to: $10.92 without any coupons. But oh yes, I did have coupons….
(1) .75/1 printable
(1) 1/3 from an insert
(2) 1/2 one from insert, one printable
Total paid: $7.17/8 ($0.90 each! 2/3-3/4 off!) Most of these are being donated as well.

And then I picked up a couple of things at Rite Aid:
Visine eye drops ($4.99)
$3 store rebate
$1/1 sales flyer
Total paid: $0.99

Garnier had a great promo on too:
(1) Garnier mousse & (1) Leave-in conditioner (sale 2/$6)
$2 store rebate
(2) 1/1 one insert, one printable
Total paid: $2/2 ($1 each! About a 2/3-3/4 savings off regular price!)

I also got a raincheck for a Crest toothpaste that after store rebate will be free. I will pick that up in the next couple of weeks.

So the total for the day:
Total regular price: $233.66
Total sales price before coupons: 159.14
What I paid: $89.73
Coupon savings: 44%
Savings off Reg. price: 61%

And besides stocking up on some staples and taking advantage of some great deals, I am donating to a food bank and/or sharing with a friend 2 bags of stuff:
4 boxes of fruit rollups
2 Fiber One bars
3 Nature’s valley granola bars
1 bag of Wacky Mac
2 Cornflakes
1 Cocoa Krispies
1 Corn Pops
3 Apple Jacks

Which has a total regular cost of: $52.43 but in combination with other items I bought, I paid: $7.09. A savings of 86% and some paying it forward!!

I am excited to see what next week will bring. Now that I know all the websites to access the coupons and I have a good load of printed & gathered coupons as well as a gathering of past inserts and an idea of what I am doing, it will hopefully not be too time-consuming! Today I spent about 5 hours prepping at home and 3 hours shopping and 2 hours sorting afterwards at home and logging receipts. Obviously it should be better from here on! I’ll keep you posted on the highlights.

Oh yeah, and on other news– I am moving. I will tell you about it next time but I am not moving far, just to a different apartment. And it is AWESOME!! The details and pics to come soon.

And vacation last week in Wilmington, NC to see my friend Robyn and the Dawson’s Creek/One Tree Hill sites was amazing! More on that front soon also 🙂