Just an update

April 17, 2010

A quick update on the life of Lissa:

Finally things were looking up. I took the job at clinic A. Things just came together and worked out. When I first called to take the position it was all sunshine and roses. Then the immediate call back….oh whoops, it’s actually 4 days/wk, not 3. Is that a problem? Um, yeah. And the world whooshed around me. I asked, Can it be 3 days? I can’t do 4. And the reply, “I’ll see what I can do.” An agonizing couple of days passed. Then the most amazing news, “Yes, we can do 3 days. Can you work Tu-Th instead of W-Fr?” YES yes yes! I will. While the other clinic I was interviewing for was talking about all their perceived shortcomings they saw in me and saying crap like “we think if we have more time we can talk them (the doctors) into you”, THIS clinic actually went out of their way to hire someone for one day a week (and absorb that extra cost) so that I would come on board. THAT is the caliber of clinic and appreciation of me that I want. And that is only one of the many reasons why I was interested in the job in the first place. I feel valued there, like they see things in me that I know are there. They can see what I will and can bring to their practice. And because of that, I will be great for them.

Ah rosy happiness and joy.

So I started that position 2 weeks ago. One week ago my best friend Ash told me that her and her husband would likely be moving to Cali. NOOOOO! She wanted me to come with. Unfortunately it is not so simple for me. I still own my house. I am likely about 10-25k underwater on it. I can’t fathom moving to another state while still owning that house. I probably won’t be able to sell it and even just break even for 2-3 years. Plus as above mentioned, I have finally found an incredibly perfect job in a wonderful hospital, the kind of opportunity I have been working toward my entire career. It’s a big thing, to walk away from that and start all over again. And yes, she is my best friend and I can’t imagine living in this area without her. Part of the reason I chose this area in particular was because it was so close to her. And I don’t have any other friends up here. But it’s not so simple, picking up and moving to Cali. And I just can’t do it. I can’t. And that’s a hard thing to decide. She may stay up here after all. I am hoping and wishing and will work to make that so. I think Seattle is a better place for her. And obviously, I am here!

Ok, well that’s the big news of the moment. I have to head to bed soon so I’ll write more….later!

Take Care,