The dust is settling

March 9, 2010

Well 3 months into this year, 5 months after starting my current job, 10 months after quitting my job last year, the dust is FINALLY starting to settle.

Yes, I know that I haven’t written in 3 months. Get over it. Here’s the highlights:

~That animal shelter thing didn’t work out. Lousy job, didn’t take it.

~I moved to Lynnwood. Found a tenant to partially rent the house and found a great little detached garage apartment for only $700 rent + utilities! It is only 10-20 minutes from my current work and other good opportunities and it is sooooo nice to not have crazy commutes/live in 2 different places anymore. Plus I have the same days off as my best friend Ashley and she lives about 10 minutes away. Awesome!!!

~I am currently in the interview process for 2 different FT jobs. One of them is at the place I work at one day a week. The other is one of the relief places that I had considered way back when, they have finally had a FT grave position open up. The offers are pretty comparable, but I think that I will be going with the relief place. It is a great ER/CC hospital and has a really good schedule, I can still keep my one day a week at the other place. Basically 4 days on total, 3 days off each week. Nice long weekends and space to pick up other relief occasionally. I should know for sure in the next few days, I want to be able to give as much notice as possible to my current place and I would need to start at the new one beginning of April.

~I am going out on a first date Wed morning! This will be my first foray since Shawn and I am pretty excited. I met the guy online and don’t know too much about him, so it will hopefully be a fun time. I am crazy busy this week so we are meeting for breakfast when I get off work. Not too glamorous but welcome to my life.

Alright well I better finish up this shift. Pretty tired and the week has just begun. Thank god I don’t have to commute anymore!!!


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