2010–looking up!

January 1, 2010

Well 2009 is over in about 45 minutes. And you know what I say to that? THANK GOD! I am soooo done with 2o09. Bring on 2010! It HAS to be better than last year.

Ok, that sounds a lot more negative than I meant it to. And perhaps I have had 3 glasses of wine and my friend that I spent the evening with just left and I am a bit tipsy and maudlin and overly dramatic. But seriously. 2009 was crap. Pretty much a wash of a year. It could be worse, definitely. But if 2009 had never happened, that would be totally ok by me too.

Let’s count the ways that it sucked.

Jan-March- the slow unraveling hellishness of the ending of my relationship with Shawn. We try not to dwell on that around here.

May- I quit my job (which is a great job and I would take back in a second) to take a new job closer to home at a brand new clinic

May-August- work my butt off at said new job to get the clinic open, do a good job, make something of the place.

August- get fired/quit because new job has turned into a crazy place with a psycho crappy business owner/boss/vet.

September-November- do relief work all over the place at all hours of the day. Luckily get enough hours to pay bills but life is CRAZY.

November- get current job. Am bored. Think of ways to find a new job due to severe level of dissatisfaction/boredom. Live at a room for rent 3.5 days a week. Drive a lot. Have no opportunity/time to date or socialize.

December 31, 2009- here I am! Ready to make a new start for 2010.

On the brighter side, here is the plan for 2010:

I am in the interview process for an animal shelter in Seattle. This is a FT job which is 4 days/wk for about $2-3 more hourly than what I make now. It also has 100% paid medical/dental and lots of paid time off. It is just within commuting distance so I wouldnt’ need to have a 2nd room and place to live in. Which would be awesome! So hopefully this job works out. I would probably start FT there in February. I have working interviews Mon/Tues so I should know by next week if I am taking a job there. Let’s keep hoping!

Other than a new job opportunity just on the horizon (yay!), I have a few other plans (I refuse to call them resolutions) for this next year. Namely these:

1. Eat better. Less junk, more cooking. And for goodness sake, exercising some portion control and restraint. I have to face it, I’m 27 and the metabolism is shutting down.

2. Exercise more. I plan to join a gym and work out a plan with a trainer. I need aerobic and strength training and plan on continuing to do yoga several times a week to help with flexibility & core strength. Because my back is crap and my range of motion sucks. And I need to do something about all that before I am in serious troubles. I also want to start skating more again, just recreationally, and start square dancing again (I so love it), and maybe take some ballroom dance lessons.

3. Work extra shifts. This is to  fulfill 2 different goals. First of all, regardless of if I get the new job or stay in the one I have, I need to work extra ER/CC shifts in order to have enough advanced level cases for my emergency certification caselogs. And I want to save more money and fix up my house so I need the additional income.

4. Sell my house! I have finally decided that I need to just sell this house and buy something closer to Seattle. It will really open up my job opportunities as well as my social and dating opportunities. And I really don’t have a reason to keep this house. Yes it has land, but I don’t even do anything with it and its just more property to maintain. There’s no good reason to hold onto it. However, I have about 10K worth of repairs/cosmetic work needed to get the house in saleable condition and I need to build equity and/or save for a downpayment on a house further north. So the estimated sell date is probably about 2 years from now. But there’s plenty to do and work for in the meantime!

5. Socialize! Date! Have a life again! Think about having foster kids in a couple years!

So I have plenty of admirable and completely doable goals for 2010. Let’s check back in on Dec 31st 2010 and see how I’ve done and how many of these goals are either reached, failed, or just carried over for 2011.

But it’s definitely looking up!