Oh so fickle

November 25, 2009

Ok so I feel like crap. I started my new job like…3 weeks ago really? And already I know…it’s not for me. I don’t think I have EVER realized that I made a mistake this quickly. Not even with relationships…and trust me. There have been some doozies there.


It’s not that it’s a bad job. It’s not. And I WANT to want it. I WANT to enjoy it. It is exactly what I thought it would be. All of it’s downpoints for me are not unexpected occurrences. I just didn’t realize how much of negatives that I would see them. And the company is SO great. And the people are SO nice. And the hours and pay and benefits are SO amazing. And I am bored OUT OF MY MIND.

Ok, so I work 3 shifts per week, 13 hours a shift. And of those 13 hours, I have absolutely NOTHING job-related to do for at least 9 of them. NINE. Which means that truly I am working about 12 hours a week. But getting paid for 40. Which SOUNDS awesome. And I THOUGHT it would be awesome. But really I am just bored to desperation. I read, I wander online, I chat with friends, I watch TV episodes online, I do yoga, I even sleep. Basically the same stuff that I do when I am not working and am home. So you’d think….SWEET that sounds great getting paid for doing the same stuff you do at home. And I thought that too. But in actuality I just find it exhausting and incredibly unsatisfying.

I hate that I am so fickle and so demanding in my employment. Because this is going to force me to quit this job that has so many good points to venture into something that I may have major issues with and not just boredom.

Ok here’s another thing about the job though. I didn’t realize how elementary the actual medicine was. What I mean by that is that I have spent the majority of the last 7 years doing emergency and critical care, high end, progressive, intense medicine. And this is very basic animal care for the most part. It is generally the type of work that an experienced assistant or new technician can do. I feel like I am wasting myself by not utilizing the knowledge, skills, and interest that I have by simply walking dogs, doing kennel work, wrapping packs for sterilization, and doing laundry. It is like slowly killing myself and my passion for my chosen career.

So. I have decided that I must leave sooner than I had anticipated. But not now, it’s the holiday season and I don’t want to go back into relief work. I want to hold to it until I find another fulltime emergency position in a hospital that I know I will enjoy. I must confess, just making the decision to leave took that vast majority of the agony I was feeling at this job off of me. Knowing that I would be leaving in a few months made it so that I could actually enjoy the benefits of this job for what they are. A break from craziness. A time to rest and relax. And a chance to have the holidays off for once!

I do know about a possible job opportunity that will be coming up in a few months. One of the clinics I relief at (and one of the 3 that I had considered to do FT work at when I was doing relief) is opening a satellite clinic further south than their current hospital, hopefully in March. The new clinic ensures that they will be hiring techs, most likely at the new clinic at least, possibly at both clinics. The new clinic is within daily driving distance from my house. So, if I can get a 3-day workweek (possibly even a 4 day but hopefully I can push for a 3-day) I would hopefully be able to work there and then not need to have a room in the city. I may even keep my extra day/wk at the clinic in Kirkland where I work on Saturdays depending on the schedule I could get. Pay wise I think I would get comparable to what I get now. I know the management and I think that they would like to have me onboard. I am pretty sure that I would get along well with their company. So, I am hopeful that something will work out with them and an opporunity will arise for me.

They will probably start the hiring process late January/early February. My 90-days at my new job is up Jan. 25th. I do not plan on saying anything about leaving to them until I know if I have a job with the other place. So I am somewhat hoping that I know before my 90 days is up. Although if I don’t know, I can get my medical insurance first of Febrary and maybe get some dental work done before I quit. Though if not I am not too troubled because I am sure the new place will have a medical/dental plan and after 90 days there I will be starting that. Though who knows, it might be too crazy expensive.

Anyways, other than my recent fickle job revelations, all is well! Dogs are doing great staying at the new place, they have settled into it and have fun with the landlady’s dog. Cats are faring ok, no peeing on the couch or major trauma as of yet. Keep your fingers crossed. I am heading home for Thanksgiving today. Will be in Nebraska until Saturday night. This is the year that supposedly EVERYONE is coming back on both sides of the family so if all goes well it is the first time in about 8 years that everyone on my mom’s side will be together. I will tell you all about the Thanksgiving insanity on my next post. Until then!


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