Starting November–finally!

November 7, 2009

Ok, so here’s my checklist for November:

1. Get new job–done! I did my training last week and just wrapped up my first week of overnight shifts

2. Place foster dog–done! Kinda. I had lined up an adoptive home for him, he was supposed to go this week but they backed out and told the rescue agency but nobody told ME. So when I called to check with the family about if they had things set with the rescue, they told me that they were backing out. Now, he is ready to go, I had a place for him, I’ve started my new job, and I NEEDED HIM GONE like last week. So I was pissed. And so I called the rescue and told them that I needed to place him into another foster home ASAP. I feel bad about this, having been in the rescue’s place many many times with my own rescue, but on the other hand I had told them my restrictions several times, forewarned them about the possibility that I would need a different foster home for Troy, and OH YEAH they never even bothered to call/email and let me know that the home I had lined up fell through. Anyways, they told me to bring Troy on over Friday morning. So I did. Which is what I needed and what he needed but I still feel like crap about dumping him off like that.

3. Start staying at my room–which I am going to start today. Dropping the dogs off this afternoon before work, then letting them out on Sunday morning, then going to a meeting all day Sunday, then sleeping up there on Sunday night before heading home Monday. Then starting my regular workweek on Tuesday. Yay!

Ok, well that’s about it for my big November plans. Just settling into a routine with the dogs/job/room/home. Last week in Nov. I go home for Thanksgiving. With the trip and job schedule I will actually end up with like 10 days off altogether so that will be nice. Then in December I will have to see about working some extra shifts, Christmas plans, and maybe finally being able to buy myself a new laptop! Whoo hoo!

Then I have a bunch of trips to plan for this year. Hopefully visiting Craig in NYC in January, Going to a conference in Las Vegas (and hanging with Craig) in February, and maybe going to Wilmington, NC with my friend Robyn sometime this summer. Phew! I need to make sure to work some extra shifts to be able to do all these trips!

Ok, well I’ll tell you more about my new job next time. See ya!


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