Just when I thought I had it all figured out

October 15, 2009

So I have been very excited about this new job opportunity. I did the in-person interview last Tuesday. And the pre-employment drug screening (ha!) on Saturday. And this Tuesday I drove 2.5 hours to do a working interview (that lasted 3 hours) and drove 2.5 hours back home.  I had the impression that they would get back to me re: an offer late this week or early next. And today! they called with an offer: a 4-day/wk overnight position (my choice of Su-W or Th-Su) for $18/hr. I know, you’re thinking ‘SWEET I wish I could get paid that much and only have a 4-day week!’ I know I’m spoiled in my chosen line of work. I realize this. 4 day workweeks are the norm and 3 day workweeks are certainly common, esp. in the overnight/emergency world. and $18/hr for an experience ER/CC tech is a pretty average-to-good wage. I realize this too. But the facts of my life and my needs are this: In order to work at this clinic, I need to stay in “the city” for my workweek, which requires me to pay rent, an additional expense to my budget. So, I need to either have a higher than “normal” wage to accomodate this additional expense, or I need to have a less-days-per-week workweek to enable me to more easily do extra relief shifts to pay for the rent. Unfortunately, the offer does not allow for either of these two needs. Which sucks.

On the plus side, the night before I went down for my working interview, I sent in a resume for a new job that had been posted on craigslist. This job is a little different, a type of job that I had not considered before since it is so rarely seen. It is the opportunity to be an overnight tech at a day practice. Which in a nutshell means that I would be working totally alone taking care of post-op, hospitalized, and boarding patients as well as some housekeeping duties overnight. No incoming patients, no typical “ER” work, no dealing with clients. Honestly, its probably the most ideal work for my personality. I love to have total control, I love to have absolute responsibility, I like to work overnights and I like to work with as few people as possible, I am highly skilled and capable to make judgement calls and be in charge of a number of patients needing a variety of levels of care. Just as important as the job itself, it is only 15-20 min from the room that I am renting in Lynnwood, it is a 3-day workweek (Tu-Th), and the pay starts at $18/hr (which means that I would probably start at a higher rate due to my number of years and type of experience). The more I think about this job the more psyched I am about it. I was excited about the ER clinic job, but in a “this could be a good thing but who knows what might happen” kind of way. This is different. This is something that I know that I could really enjoy and excel at.

So I emailed my resume on Mon. night. Heard back on Tues. night. Filled out their questionnaire and took their assessment test Tues. night. Received a phone message Wed. night about scheduling an interview. Emailed my availability Wed. night. Will hopefully hear this morning about setting an interview date/time on either Thur/Fri. I hope to get it all settled and a job offer (or not) by this weekend so that I can let the other place know. I told them I was interviewing at another clinic and bought myself a little time, but I don’t want to leave them hanging for too long.

If it doesn’t work out at this new place, I will have to let the other place know that I cannot accept their first offer. I will have to tell them that due to my situation I either need to have a 3-day workweek (to give me the time to do relief work) or at leat $20/hr (so that I do not need to do relief work). And then let them counter their offer or turn me down.

The worst that happens is that I keep doing relief. And as I have stated in previous posts, I am set for October & November with relief (which includes allowing me to take the last week off to go back home for Thanksgiving). So it’s not like its a huge issue if neither of these jobs works out. But I’m hoping the lone overnight position works out, or if not that I am able to get a better offer from the other place.

Hopefully by this weekend (or latest Monday) I’ll have an answer to all these questions! I’ll let you know!


In related news: The dog meet & greet went ok and I confirmed renting the room in Lynnwood. My first stay is this weekend, though I’m just going to be there to sleep on Saturday so its not a big thing. I still have my foster dog at least through this month so I have to leave my own dogs at home, which means that if I stay up north I have to find pet care for them. I’m trying to keep that at a minimum so I’m staying up north at a minimum until I find a home for the foster dog. But I bought a bunch of stuff for my “dorm” room tonight and I’m really looking forward to it. I never went to college and stayed in a dorm so its kinda fun thinking about it in that way. I think this is going to be a great thing.


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