New things, moving fast

October 6, 2009

Ok so, sometimes things in life just kind of fall together. Here’s the update:

1. Job: I woke up today to an email that I am on to Phase Two with the interview process for the FT position. I have an in-person interview tomorrow morning. Yay!

2. House: Looked at that room for rent on Sat. It looks great, the bonus upstairs room in a ranch-style house. Has a great little kitchen and a big living room, deck, and back yard. I think that the dogs will really like it there and the woman (landlady/Jeanette) seems really nice and that I’ll get along well with her. I am taking the dogs up there tomorrow to meet her and her son and to pay the deposit and such. Probably won’t start staying up there until the weekend after or so. Must start looking for a vanity/dresser/desk type piece, there’s a spare bed up there already.

3. Sick still sick. The sore throat got better but hung on and today the nose started. Bleh. So annoying. Hopefully just another few days of this nonsense. Everyone’s been sick though so I guess I was bound to catch something what with all the exposure and weird sleeping and working and stress of the last month or so.

4. Cat: Ok, so one of my cats had been peeing around the house, most recently started peeing on the couch. NOT COOL. He got a clean bill of health and I put him on Prozac and confined him to the bathroom whenever I wasn’t there to watch him. It’s been about two months of that. I started leaving him out last week and so far……no peeing! And I stopped giving him his meds so even more promising. I hope that we have “fixed” him and I hope that he won’t start up again when I start staying up in Lynnwood for part of the week. *crosses fingers*

Ok well not too much else going on here. Waiting game mostly. I’ll let you know!


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