You never know what will happen next

September 26, 2009

So just going about my day today. Sleeping in, watching far too much TV, eating too much food. A nice day off, I say! Well thinking about my whole work situation…like usual. So for the next two months I have 3 steady once-a-week shifts at 3 different relief clinics. So I’m pretty much covered for my minimum shifts. I’ve heard from all the relief clinics about October and there are no other shifts available right now. There will probably be a few more pop up as the month goes on though. But I’m glad to have my minimums met, no worries about paying the bills at least for the next couple of months. Of course, if I don’t get more extra shifts I can kiss goodbye to taking two weeks off in December or going to NYC to visit my friend. Also, while some aspects of doing relief work are nice (higher pay, more flexibility) and thinking of having a FT position at some of these hospitals is kinda a bummer (commuting, living away from my house for 3 days/wk, what happens with the pets), I also just really enjoy the stability of having a FT job and it doesn’t look like one will open up at any of my relief clinics anytime in the next 3+ months (or more). So it’s kinda frustrating and mind-numbing in a way.

There’s this surgical clinic in Seattle. I know them, I did an externship there at the end of school, they did surgery on my new dog Emmy at the same time. They recently moved to a brand-new building a few months ago. I had heard rumors that they were maybe planning on adding an ER/critical care department and opening up 24-hours. Well I was just scanning craigslist for any veterinary jobs and POOF! They have just posted yesterday looking for techs, assistants, and receptionists. This clinic is also pretty far north, I’d still need to have a 3 day/wk position and stay with a friend during my workweek. But again, it may be an awesome opportunity to be involved in a clinic from scratch, maybe helping to shape protocol/policy and other workflow aspects. I sent my resume tonight. So hopefully I’ll hear from them quickly next week. I am hopeful but trying not to get too far ahead of myself. The clinic is set to open in about a month so I’d be set for my shifts in October and have to cancel my regular shifts (depending on what my new schedule would be) for November.  Plus get set to have care for the pets, try to find a roommate again, get organized to stay at Ashley’s 3 days/wk. It’s a lot to think about. At this point, it’s all wait and see– and try not to make myself crazy! I’ll let you know how that goes. 🙂

Ok, well that’s about that. Just a quick note to update. Plus it’s late and no one is up for me to call and torture by going on and on and on about this!


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