Pros and Cons

August 21, 2009

Ok. So. Lots of stuff going on. And really not much AT ALL. I am pretending that I am unemployed and I am totally playing it up. Because considering that I have 4 (FOUR!) clinics that I am currently doing relief work at AND I have a job interview next week I am really only so unemployed. And I know I shouldn’t whine about it, cause so many people have it so much worse. Blah blah blah. Those people are not ME. Those people did not leave a job they LOVED to take a chance on a job that was SUPPOSED to be a super awesome opportunity and instead SUCKED. I mean really, who is stupid enough to leave a job that they love in this day and age? Yeah, me. So I’m gonna play it up for a little bit and have a minor pity party. I dare you to stop me.

I’m actually feeling pretty positive all things considered. And things keep happening, so, yeah, go me with the optimism! (I really don’t know why people think I’m so negative)  Here’s the pros and cons of Lissa’s life to date:

1. Quit good job that she truly enjoyed and found satisfying
2. Quit really crappy job where she had been dumped to 26hr/wk, made less money, was having difficulties with boss, and was compromising her medical ethics on a daily basis.
3. Ok well the real con to #2 is that I don’t currently have a job=unemployed
4. Thought I’d be in a good shape in Sept. to do relief FT since I had signed up for 13 shifts at Relief Clinic A, but only got 6 shifts there.
5. STILL waiting to hear about doing a regular 1-2 shifts/wk + other relief shifts at Relief Clinic B.
6. STILL waiting to hear about any open relief shifts at Relief Clinic C.
7. In response to #4-6, I only have 7 shifts lined up for September which is HIGHLY nervewracking (I need 15 minimum to pay my bills).
8. Opened an unemployment insurance claim. Boo. Have to wait 4-8 weeks to hear if my claim is accepted. In which case I will get retro-paid but that doesn’t help me for the 4-8 weeks in between.
9. Oh yeah, the washing machine is still broken. Laundromat, oh joy..
10. The DSL connection is all screwed up. It comes and goes randomly. I got a new modem, but I am not convinced that that is going to solve the issue.
11. The cat is still peeing on the couch if given half a chance.
12. My paycheck from Relief Clinic A didn’t come because they had the wrong address. Luckily I can pick it up tomorrow when I’m at the clinic for a shift.
13. I had applied for a refinance on my home like 6+ weeks ago and the loan officer is doing I DON”T KNOW WHAT with the whole thing. Therefore I am cancelling the loan with him and going to have my old loan officer start over for me, since she actually is reponsible with getting stuff done.

Ok, the Pros:

1. I quit a job I was quickly growing to hate and resent and feel undervalued, resented, and uncomfortable with.
2. I have an interview!! It is at a premier ER/Critical Care/Specialty hospital up north. The position is a graveyard shift, 3 nights a week. It is very close to my friend Ashley’s house, so she has invited me to stay with her on the 2 days between shifts. Which is so generous and AWESOME because otherwise the clinic is like a 2 hour drive from my house and it wouldn’t be a possibility for me to work there. The pay is great and the facility is incredible. I think I would be perfect for the job and vice versa. I have a pretty good shot at getting the job. The interview isn’t until next Wed. Which is FOREVER from now. But the whole timetable will actually work out pretty good if I get the job.
3. I’m gonna restart my loan refinance process with my awesome loan officer who did my original loan and my refinance 2 years ago. I should have just done it with her in the first place. Good thing is, she has better terms than the other idiot I was dealing with. In the same company. So it should all be taken care of in 4-6 weeks most likely. Which means: free month with no mortgage payment! (probably Oct or Nov) Which means: I will be able to catch up from these last 2 weeks of no pay.
4. It’s beautiful outside this week so I’ve had lots of laying around in the hammock, reading, resting going on.
5. I’m finally caught up on my sleep!
6. I have time to chat with my friends regularly. Yay!
7. I may be getting a roommate soon. Hopefully that will mean some extra money, maybe some yardwork or other tasks getting done, and if I get the job up north, someone to watch the pets & house while I’m working.
8. I went to the Social Security building today to get a new SS card. I only had to wait 30 minutes! Bonus since I was planning on like 3 hours.

Ok, well I’m exhausted by all that. Gonna go pick some blackberries, make chicken noodle soup, watch Psych & Monk, and take care of the kitties. Talk more later!


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