Sometimes a conversation says it best…

August 16, 2009

New work news, I’ll just post my conversation with my friend M here:

Lissa says:


 So guess what?
M says:
your boss apologized
Lissa says:
he fired me
M says:
you handed in your resignation
that’s not possible
Lissa says: 
i know, redundant huh?
remember that “if you do not wish for me to do two weeks notice, you may choose to terminate my employment.” ?
apparently he decided to take me up on that 
M says:
but why?
Lissa says: 
I dunno 
like usually….he didn’t clarify 
M  says:
he just randomly walked up to you…?
Lissa says:
Was about 3/4 through the shift and he said he wanted to talk to me.
I’m all, “hmm does he want to ask me something, apologize, argue about something in the letter?”
no, he said that he thought it was “best if we part ways now” 
but that “he sincerely wished me the best in the future”
right. the best. that’s why you’re shorting me a week’s work and pay
M says:
that’s so bizarre…
what did you say?
Lissa says:

Yeah, that pretty much sums up MY day.


One Response to “Sometimes a conversation says it best…”

  1. clockwatcher23 Says:

    Yeah, I’ve had the “don’t quit, because I’m firing you” boss, too. You’ll be better off without this asshole. Best of luck to you.

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