A weird blast from the past

July 30, 2009

Ok, first of all, it’s SO DAMN HOT!!!  I’m in Western Washington where this whole summer has been unseasonably blue skies and sunshine. But this week its’ been insanely hot…..over 90 and even up to 110 the last couple days! I know, anyone from the south or the desert or whatever is like ‘wah wah, big baby!’ But you have to understand, it is 30 degrees hotter than normal here and WE DON’T HAVE AIR CONDITIONING. I will be so glad to go back to work tomorrow. It’s just miserable.

Ok, onto the real post.  I’m working a new job. At a new business that is doing well but off to a bit of a rocky start due to undercapitalization which meant that two days into the business being open, everyone was cut to part-time hours.  Not. Cool.  So for the last couple months, I’ve been picking up extra shifts as a relief tech at other clinics in the area. And last night I worked my first relief shift at the clinic that I used to work at 3 years ago. I worked there for 5 years and let’s just say that I didn’t leave there with a very good taste in my mouth. I admit that 3 years later I’m still a bit bitter about some things.

Anyways. So I never figured I would go back, but time under the bridge, necessity, blah blah blah. I carefully chose the shift, making sure that I would be there with at least some fellow ex-coworkers. And it went pretty well. Somethings and procedures and employees were of course different but so many things the same. It was very trippy. Nice to see some of the people I used to be close with. We were very busy and the night flew by. No big issues or stressful events which was very relieving to me. Especially since I’ve already  signed up for 5 shifts there in August! Hopefully it’ll continue being a good relief option for me. Right now I need relief to fill in the lost hours at my “real” job but a source of extra money in the future is really nice too!

Alright, gonna try and go to bed and see if I can sleep in this heat. The morning is coming up soon.

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