The post-weekend update

November 22, 2008

Well, we had a lovely weekend. All went as planned, which is nice for once! The only downside is the the stupid truck still isn’t fixed! I am starting to lose it over this truck. I am starting to get grumpy and pissy and snappy at Shawn….so he had better just get it fixed already!

The weekend was great. Saturday I got to sleep in…so nice! We only had Morrigan because Wesley decided not to come. Apparently our house without video games is not nearly fun enough (bear in mind that he is all of FIVE years old and cannot live without his video games–sad.) and that he would rather not be there. Shawn was a little bummed that Wesley didn’t want to spend time with him but he didn’t want to force the issue. It was kind of a nice treat to have just the baby though. And I expect that next time, Wesley will want to come because he’ll have felt left out this weekend. Which is good!

Shawn brought Morrigan home….by the time he got off and picked her up and got back, it was almost 11pm! She was wiped, so right to bed. I had dinner ready so we just ate and watched a movie. Very nice “just us” time. ūüôā¬† Sunday we all just hung out at the house, played with the baby, vegged on the couch. It was so relaxing to not have anything to DO.

And Monday, the big test. Shawn had to work 11a-7p so I was to have the baby ALL DAY. By MYSELF.¬† Doo..doo..doo..doo. It went SO WELL!!!¬† We had to take¬†Shawn to¬†work since the truck wasn’t fixed. So we all got up in the morning and drove him in. Then Morrigan and I¬†stopped at the Dollar store to¬†pick up some things (namely bibs and baby spoons) which went pretty well. First solo baby & store trip. Back home about¬†12:00p and Morrigan went down for her nap. I got the¬†house picked up and watched an¬†episode of ER. Then it was 1pm and she got up, we had lunch (ala spaghettios, jello, and hot dog) and played until about 3:30pm. Then it was¬†down for her 2nd nap. I got a shower,¬†scooped kitty boxes, did dishes, etc. Then at 5:30pm, up from the nap, we had supper (ala fishsticks, spaghettios, and banana) and then got cleaned up/changed to go back to pick up Shawn. Left at 6:30pm and dropped Morrigan off at her mom’s at 8pm. It was a good day and she was so happy and¬†smiley the whole time. Only a couple bits of squawking and those were quickly squelched. It was really nice! I’m¬†excited that I do seem to have¬†“some” mothering skills!

Had¬†another nice evening with Shawn and Tuesday he didn’t work until 4pm. I ran a bunch of errands in town until¬†he got off work and then we had one more night together.¬†The rest of this week we’ve both been working and he’s been staying with various people¬†in town. He had¬†yesterday off but didn’t get into town til the afternoon and hasn’t yet figured out what is wrong with the truck. Today he doesn’t work until 1:30p so the “plan” is to tow the truck to a shop and have it diagnosed and find out what the heck is going on and how to fix¬†it and can he do it and how much is this going to cost now. So hopefully he will follow through with that plan so we can make some progress and get him BACK HOME. I have to get up after 4 hours sleep tomorrow and be at Petco to sit for adoptions¬†for¬†4 hours before¬†going to work tomorrow evening so that is going to suck. Sunday is my only day off, luckily Shawn has it off too¬†so we can spend it together. *sigh* I just hope the truck is fixed by then and I don’t have to stress about it any more. I am seriously starting to lose all patience and sanity over this thing.

But the family stuff is going well and I am definitely lightened and encouraged¬†by that. Next weekend is December 6-8th so I’m looking forward to¬†it! We should have both of them that weekend. ūüôā


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