The surprise weekend

October 25, 2008

Well, Shawn has “moved” in. We still need to get his things from his ex’s and his friend’s houses and see if there is anything he has in storage that he wants at the house. But technically he has moved in as of yesterday, Friday October 24, 2008. Which coincidently was our 2-month anniversary. (I know, it seems crazy-fast but I think when you know it’s right, you just KNOW.) I didn’t get to really enjoy the moving in day as I worked the night before, picked him up in the morning, and promptly went to bed while he ran errands in town. Then when he got back home, I got up and got ready for work and left. So, it doesn’t quite feel real yet. Luckily I have the next 3 days off so I’ll be able to enjoy having him settle in!

We hadn’t really planned our weekend out too much, just figured I’d sleep on Saturday and get up in the evening. Then Sunday I have a seminar in town all day to attend. So we were just going to go with the flow. But last night he got a call from his ex, Crystal. She asked if we could take Wesley & Morrigan this weekend as she has to work all weekend and her babysitter quit. Of course, we are happy to have them!! I know it will make the weekend a bit hectic, but I am so glad that Shawn is getting to spend so much time with the kids. It means so much to him and I love the feeling of family that surrounds us. Shawn has spent the last several months since his breakup with Crystal in unstable living arrangements and without a vehicle so that has made it difficult to spend any consistent or significant time with the kids, which I know has been really hard on him. I’m so happy that being with me is helping him in some ways to re-establish a close relationship with them. And I’m excited to further my relationship with them too! Plus I just bought a ton of stuff for them last week and I can’t wait to see their reaction, especially Wesley! 🙂 Hopefully he’ll love some of the stuff.

So this weekend will be very busy but I’m glad that we’ll have the kids once again. I’m so glad that Crystal isn’t going to be defensive about Shawn being with me/the kids being around me or any of that. I hope that we’ll get to spend plenty of time with them as we are certainly happy to have them anytime that we are available and she needs to work. I know that she is pretty stretched financially so not having to pay a babysitter all the time should be helpful to her. We had already planned to have them Fri/Sat/Sun next weekend for Halloween so this will be 3 weekends in a row!! I’m so psyched about it all, I hope that I make a for a good figure in their lives. They are such good kids. 🙂

Ok that’s it for now, I’ll probably post after the weekend and let you know what all we got up to. I know we have more pumpkins to carve!


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